Wasn't there a stage after the Space Stage?

On the old forums i saw something about your species becoming advanced enough to pretty much put you into limitless or god-like power.

That’s still planned I believe
β€œAscension stage” or some other similar name

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alright because i didnt see a category on the forums for it

Also, how would the Ascension gates work? does your species have to build one or find one in a specific location, say The Center of The Galaxy?

It’s too far to say for certain, but the current plan is for them to be built. However, they will cost an immense amount of resources which can only be gained if your civilization is already godlike, with the power to tap dozens of stars for energy.
You could also steal find a gate, but they’d be guarded by extremely powerful civilizations, or rarely left derelict. Then you’d have to power the gate with about a fisgorillion joules per second, which you would still need to be godlike to do.

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I don’t like the idea of being able to β€œjust” find the gate and power it up in order to win the game. It should take immense amount of research to unlock it in order to make it be the ultimate goal.

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How long gameplay-wise would this β€œImmense amount of (Uninportant)” theoretically take? It might end up being just an endgame grind if it takes too long.

I imagine it being like the Space stage in Spore, there really isnt that much of an end goal besides getting the staff of life or befriending/defeating the Grox, even then you can still do whatever once those objectives are done.