Wassup, I'm new

Hi everyone, I’m new. I grew up with Spore so naturally this game interests me. I’m just kinda here to get to know the game more, and maybe contribute ideas (specifically for Multicellular stage assuming it’s about cellular colonies, I have a TON of ideas for that and how it would work).

Anyways, yeah, Hi everyone!


I’ve also played spore and for the same reason discovered thrive. Glad to see someone new with new ideas! Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forums!

Spore veteran as well (my username is literally my Spore character). Welcome to Thrive!

On an unrelated side note, your pfp has the rough shape of a whale, even though it’s banjo riding kazooie, so I always think it’s a whale when I see you online.

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Welcome to the forums and I was also Spore geek back in the day. Glad to see this community grow. Hope you will like it here.

Welcome to thrive spore fans.

@Ian64 you can tell me to mind my own business but I for one am curious about your ideas for multicellular colonies

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