Weird noise

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When i play the game i hear this weird electrical (ticking ,sparking) noise. I hear this noise especially when the music is playing. This makes the game pretty unplayable because this noise is very noticeable and loud. I dont have this problem with other games, so this is probably not my headset. Maybe someone can help me with this. btw tried reinstalling game, does’nt work.

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You could play the game without noise, or it could be the headset because I don’t have this problem. It could be the way it’s programmed or something, there might be a bug when playing to a headset.

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(ricko) #3

Thanks ill try it out.

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Seeing as this is the first time we have heard of this problem, I would have to say that this problem has something to do with your computer. What type of pc do you have?

(Oliveriver) #5

If the sound you’re describing is what I think it is, I’ve had this problem before with other games. For me it was caused by electrical interference from the graphics card. While I could have added an isolator wire to the PC’s internal’s, the interference only affected the front headphone jack so I’ve been plugging mine into the rear port ever since and it’s been fine.

Obviously this is a special case of your problem. For all I know your headrest is wireless or you don’t have a dedicated graphics card.

Either way, I recommend testing with other high graphical intensity games (for reference, the sound was most prominent for me in KSP and Cities: Skylines). If there’s no problem with games like these then it’s Thrive and we’ll have to look into it.

Please post your PC’s specs.

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(ricko) #6

i7 6700
Gtx 1060 (evga)
32gb ram

i dont have a wireless headset

And i have tried Civ6 Hearts of iron 4 and rainbow six siege. And all worked fine.


If you look in your (path to it is here: ThriveLog.txt you should see which audio device is used:

[INFO] Detected audio devices: 
[INFO] > Sisäinen äänentoisto Analoginen tilaääni 5.1
[INFO] > Scarlett 2i2 USB Analoginen stereo
[INFO] End of devices
[INFO] SoundDevice: Initializing sound with device: Sisäinen äänentoisto Analoginen tilaääni 5.1

You can edit EngineConf.conf to set the AudioDevice to be other than the default.

(ricko) #8

Thanks but…
I did what you said but still, i am hearing the same noise.