Weirdness with the auto evo

for all the time i played this game. Theres a thing that bothers me: auto evo cells are always small, this can be annoying for players with big predator cells, because the cells will get very fast, this makes the player have to be very fast, using atp too fast and dying, a lot, so rage, it would be better with the auto evo cells to increase in size, like the player’s cell, right? :thinking:

Increase the mutation to rate to 3 in the new game settings menu, should make some more interesting cells


As long as there’s some auto-evo cells that aren’t small, I don’t feel this is too big of a problem; ecosystems should naturally be skewed towards low-tiers, so it makes sense for the majority of auto-evo cells to be smaller than you. As long as there’s a few that are bigger- I’m starting to get some in my current amoeba playthrough, I think they split off before I shrunk my cell switching from iron-based to predatory- it should be fine, I think.

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it can be yes, but the nucleus part is said to be “an irresistible evolution”, so…you know.

Irreversible. As in, once you get it, you can’t get rid of it.


They aren’t all small for me. They actually get quite big, sometimes to the point I am driven to extinction by the cells. But they are MOSTLY small, and this is how it should be as this is how it is in nature. Bigger organisms are more rare.