Welcome to the New Thrive Community Forum

As of right now, this is officially the official Thrive Community Forum. Officially. Welcome to the next stage in the evolution of Thrive internet discussion…places?

The old forum and all its posts are still available to view but will soon have new posting disabled:

If you have any suggestions for changes to the site, including features you preferred from the old forum you’d like us to add, please reply either in this thread or create a new thread in #site-feedback.

As always, if you’re new, the main source of information on Thrive is our website, which (should) now have all the relevant links updated:

Enjoy your time here. Even if the changeover is a little uncomfortable we think it’ll be worth it in the end.

That is all.

EDIT: Oh, and I should add, we have a shoutbox here but it’s not quite as visible. Click the megaphone symbol next to the search icon in the top right corner.


It feels like home already…

Welp. This is, what, the third forum?
Thrive forum version 0.3.0?

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If you’re counting development forums too, we’re on about six now.

Twice as many as I thought.

Well hasn’t this community been on quite the rollercoaster.

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But now that we have both forums using discourse and can export all the data (and import it to new places), can we ever have any more versions of the forums?

Hopefully it won’t be needed, by looking at the development forums atleast, it doesn’t seem to have a need for a new version.
Obviously this may change if we have something like the bot attacks in the old forum

What I meant by saying that exporting is possible is that unless something really terrible happens and the server explodes without anyone having a backup we can just transfer existing users and posts to anywhere. And because this is under our domain we can also point that name to a new server. So users wouldn’t notice anything else except a bit of downtime if we moved to a different forum in the future.