What about biome specific trait development?

what about a kind of biomes races, like if you grow on a ice/cool/tundra biome your race needs fur,low metabolism. But if your creature grow in a desert for example, you need more solar protection, like scales. is this a good idea?

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If I’m not mistaken, that is exactly what is planned.


Yup, it is.

And, Korominas, please fill in the title with the Thread subject.

Anyone think of a way to have a dragon that is scientifically possible? They don’t have to look like dragons they just have to breath fire and fly.

According to this thread,

dragons would have have special bacteria that produces methane, which is stored in a large gas bladder. Because of the large volume of methane they store, they are able to fly easier. They’d also release the methane through their mouths which they’d ignite somehow. So basically whenever they breathe fire they’d be sacrificing their ability to fly until they produce more methane.


they eat pieces of metal and it gets stuck in their gizzard and when they release methane they grind the pieces of metal together causing a spark which ignites the gas.

(both by Atrox, who doesn’t have an account on this forum)

So they need certain metals in order to ignite their flames, but just collect all shiny things they see
(by @Aquos )

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The fire breathing isn’t what’s critiqued as much as the whole too damn heavy to fly thing.

Bees,humming birds such small wings “Life always finds a way”

But as you get bigger you get screwed over by:

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Screw physics
New stuff always get discovered
Who knew god didn’t create life

Nope, the fact that “according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground” is actually a myth. A while back, some scientist came to that conclusion. However, later people found out why: They forgot to account for the fact that insects actually move their wings. They shouldn’t be able to fly, were they to use their wings like an airplane, not flapping at all. The fact that they do flap however, solves that issue


Instead of methane, use hydrogren. It’s lighter.

But doesn’t hydrogen not really “explode in a ball of fire”, but more “pop”?

Hmm… The Hindenberg was a ball of fire

Oh yeah that might be a thing. I mostly spoke out of experience, but those experiences are only with smaller amounts.

what about electric eel organs?

Yeah, but isn’t that kind of the problem? No single vertebrate would ever be able to produce and store meaningful amounts of hydrogen or methane to have a significant impact on its ability to fly. But then again, if we just make it small enough, give it the good old hollow birdbones and are content with a little wyvern, the size of a pterodactyl, we should be good to go. In my opinion, the best fuel for fire breathing would be diethyl ether, since it is very hard to extinguish, can easily be liquified or vaporized and can be created by a reaction between ethanol and sulfuric acid (both of which are known to be produced by certain microorganisms, making a symbiontic relationship inside the dragon feasible)


This would be really cool if it was properly worked into the game. It would be interesting to see the process through which an organism would gain this trait, since one of the most significant requirements of any trait in our world is that it must be useful through every evolutionary step, as shown by the evolution of the eye.

We can see that the journey from photo-receptive cells to the complex modern eye was filled with a series of iterative steps which built up on the previous evolutionary breakthrough; there was never half an eye, only specialised organs which led to the eye.

Using this principle, it would be really fascinating seeing how a player could develop “fire-breath” in a way that is useful through various generations. Perhaps it could arise from integrating bacteria which aides in extracting nutrients of the organism’s preferred food into a player’s digestive system, the initial expense being that the bacterium releases ethanol and sulfuric acid, which can have some minor detrimental effects on an organism; the player could then create a new storage organ, which could initially help with the safe storage of the released gases and later transition into an organ system which helps weaponise the gases into a fire-breath with some minor innovation with the player.
The possibilities could be endless with a system that intricate, which allows for outside the box thinking to be rewarded with some cool evolutionary traits. It would be a huge hassle to implement though, but if achieved, it could truly make Thrive revolutionary.

P.S - I think there should be a fun thread in this forum in which members could brainstorm ways of creating untraditional traits through an iterative process in the game. It could really help define certain game concepts further.