What code is good for beginners

i want to get into coding, what coding languidge should i use?

Every coding language has it’s own pros and cons, but what I think you’re looking for is something simple and easy to use. In that case, I recommend playing around with Unity if you want to start making games. Simple interface, uses C# (a very flexible coding language), and has literal crap tons of online support. Great for beginners!

thanks! i’m going to try to learn it.

A lot of beginners seem to suffer from not being able to start actually programming. Instead they endlessly ask about different languages, tools, etc. trying to pick the “best”. So my advice is start coding. It does not matter much what you start with, you should just pick one that is commonly used and has a big community, and then just start. Unity is a good choice. If you want to go for more general programming then Python is also a good place to start.

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I agree with hh, the underlying ideas matter more than the language (just wait until you’re balancing binary trees :slight_smile: )

I really like Hacker Rank. It’s free, it’s all online so you don’t need to install anything, they have introductory courses, they have a massive library of problems you can work on with automatic solution checking, they even have contests where you can compete with thousands of other people in the world!

Just a question here. Generally speaking, most languages have code lines that are read in order. For example :

int num1;
int num1 = 10;

int num1; will be read first, int num1 = 10; will be read in second place and so forth. But sometimes, it seems that some languages (especially object oriented languages) aren’t that logic and can break that “cycle”. I don’t know why, but I don’t understand object oriented languages even though I am able to program with them. Can someone explain how these languages work?

On a theoretical level they work the same (at least the ones I’m familiar with). Execution moves forward line by line starting from the entry point (main in C++). Are you familiar with functions? Even in C the program execution jumps around a lot when functions get called. Similarly in OOP languages you call functions on the objects and they do stuff. Once programs get huge the advantages of separation of the program into objects that can be reasoned about separately become obvious.

From an implementation standpoint objects in C++ are a collection of data members and functions which receive an object as a parameter (this). There are even many OO libraries for adding sort of C++ features to plain C, and you can check how those are implemented to see that OOP is not that much different on a technical level, it’s more of a philosophy of how a program is structured.

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In my opinion javascript is very easy to pick up, and can give you a boost into coding other languages easier

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It’s simply put not a great language though because of its crappy nature. If it encounters an error it’ll keep trying to calculate, which makes debugging an absolute pain in the ass. I agree with the rest on starting with Unity + C# / Python

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yes, but i’d say that it’s a better language to grab a hold of. The language you start out with should be the easiest to code, regardless of how helpful it is. It gives you the idea, and then you can move on to the better programing languages.
edit: you can also learn it on khan acadimy in like a month. it’s amazing

I’m thinking of trying out unity. I don’t have much coding experience except a tiny bit of JavaScript. Should I try out unity?

If the choices are either unity or not starting at all. Then it’s definitely the case that you should try it.

Thank you very much dude