What do you name your microbes?

Just curious, I wanted to know what your system is for naming your microbes if you have one at all. If you don’t share a funny name.

My naming system is to

  1. Make the first word the current area you are in the patch map(if you’re in the Basrutic Mesopolagic, make the first word Basrutic)

  2. Make the second word the way you get your energy. (If you use Thykaloids, the second word would be Thyaloid)

  3. Replace the end of the word with “Ium”, So Basrutic thykium!

  4. If it doesn’t make sense, get out the dictionary from the attic, and pick two random words.


I just take the original name, but start the second word with a small letter rather than a capital one as it should be this way in any species scientific name.


Have you played the latest version? The game has already been modified to start the second word of names with a lowercase letter (and the names are now in italics) for more scientific naming.

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Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since I’ve played Thrive and it’s going to be a long time until the next time (that makes a lot of times, lol) because I have just received the closed backer beta for the System Shock remake, which I am currently testing and recording before they’ll eventually release the game. I’ll post the videos on Odysee and in the L̵̳͛o̶͋ͅu̶̦̎n̴͙̓g̵̩̃e̵̲͌ once it’s done.

Well I recommend replaying Thrive to see all of the small things that have changed. Going back even like half a year, there’s a surprisingly large number of small tweaks all over the place that may be relevant to any discussion about the game.

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I usually start with one of the words from the default name - so either Primium or Thrivium. I’ll add a word relating to a characteristic I want to focus on, such as the shape or appearance of the cell, or how it behaves. Here’s an example:
Thrivium Astrum
I wanted this one to remain star-shaped as it grows, so named it after a star.

When the species undergoes large changes, I’ll usually take the last name, make that the first name, and repeat the process.


I dont

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