What do you think of the 2005 Spore demo?

I mean this demonstration


It seemed really impressive for its time. It’s a real shame that they moved away from realism and educational value - although in that demo, it was still very clearly unrealistic. They really seemed to be unsure what kind of organism it was - like an amoeba that’s single-cellular, with some sort of skeletal structure, and Spore’s trademark fully-functional eyeballs. The content created by other players is a good way of avoiding having to make an auto-evo system. It seems bizarre that they didn’t consider plants in that, too.

I can really see origins for many planned parts of thrive in that demo, including going from 2D to 3D in a macroscopic underwater area, and the god tools at the end.


I thought the same, but as for me Evolutions! more trying to take from the early demos of the spore

I’ve heard of that, but haven’t managed to find it online.

I really like the 2005 demo version of Spore, and even as a really big Spore fan there’s quite a few elements in it that I prefer to the game we have today! I think it’s important to remember though that this really was just a demo, and we were probably only shown the very best elements. There’s probably a huge amount of flaws with the demo version and it’s design that we didn’t really get a chance to see, so I imagine there’s probably a good reason why they moved away from it.

@HexapodPhilosopher There is a link to an archived version of the post that started the “Evolutions!” hoax on the Thrive Developer Wiki! If you’re unaware, this post was the very first thing that sparked the development of Thrive. It’s really interesting to look at almost 14 years later!


Evolutions! - Similar to Spore!

They could have continued to develop the unfinished stuff, but instead they decided to cut everything during the last years of development.

Well that’s just what you have to do to have any chance of having a playable game if the corporate overlords tell you that you have just one year left to develop some game.

Oh, right. I didn’t realise that was what lead to Thrive. Quite an elaborate hoax! It seemed to fool a lot of people.

Either way, I’m sure Thrive can achieve all that Evolutions! and Spore claimed to offer. :grin: It’s only a matter of time… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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amazing and maybe even better than actual spore because of aquatic stage and more

I’ve just discovered that the Spore cell having a kind of skeleton might not be entirely unrealistic. Cytoskeletons are real structures inside of cells, though much more complex than the bones depicted in that video.

That reminds me. I was wondering if the intention for when macroscopic mode has been properly made is to have the player’s creature appear as a kind of 3D version of the 2D-multicell one, like in that video, with the metaballs laid out the same (as is the case now). And is there any idea how realistic that is?