What does Life as We know It change?

So, I have tried a game both with and without “Life as We Know it” on. I can’t find the difference between the 2. So, what is it?

LAWK on basically restricts the player to not using thermoplasts and perhaps some other things
since thermoplasts arent “LAWK”, they are not included in that mode.

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fair enough. Thanks!

question under this is that are we going to have less realistic things that are more fun to play around with that aren’t “LAWK”, Or is this more limiting to more earth like lifeforms so things that only could exist on earth are avaliable?

Panspermia starting option is also locked if you select LAWK (though there’s a slight bug with that which will be fixed in the next release).

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Fine by me. I like having access to chloraplasts immediatly