What does the world's largest cell taste like?

The species name is Valonia ventricosa
Since DNA tastes salty, I expect a salty flavor.
Can anyone give more info on that.


The world’s largest cell is actually the ostrich egg yolk. It’s not alive, but it is still a cell!
I hear ostrich eggs pretty much taste like chicken eggs, so I’m going to assume the yolk tastes similar too.


Well it is alive if you aren’t eating it. Most eggs people eat are stored in lethal ways, possibly chemically treated (this is common in the US for people scratching their heads, plus it’s not to kill the yolk but the microbes you don’t want to kill you), and definitely not fertilized. If it were to be fertilized and in a safe environment the yolk could totally be alive, but wouldn’t be a good idea to eat.

DNA isn’t the majority of the mass cytoplasm, and especially in a bigger cell, cytoplasmic support structures like protein and lipids are. Lipids taste oily or gummy raw, greasy or oily cooked, protein tastes horrible raw but rich and tasty cooked, and I have no idea what cytoplasm tastes like. From what I can tell that critter would taste like salty, oily goo.

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Ohhh, yeah, I was referring to the fact it isn’t an ORGANISM. A lot of things are ‘alive’ but not in the same way. Similar to a virus. They don’t live at all, but it’s considered ‘live’ when it’s active and ‘dead’ when it’s not. An egg yolk isn’t actually alive because it’s not an organism, but it IS alive in the sense that it’s active until it’s ‘killed.’

Y’all over here talking about what they would taste like while I’ve been still trying to wrap my head around that there is single celled organisms that big for a while now, it’s amazing. Every time I see a picture of one of them It just… Baffles me lol.

But yeah I’d be down to eat one, as long as it didn’t kill me, pass me some salt and pepper

They look cute actually…


It looks like a ball of stink

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How large is it? I’ve heard of these before;

These are Acetabularia, they’re single cells which only have 1 nucleus and can be up to 10cm tall.

And I thought they were the biggest with a single nucleus (As some species of Algae are single celled and 6 feet long but have multiple nuclei) but this one could be larger for all I know (not good at estimating sizes like from the picture above so I can’t tell)

But that is tall, but not “meaty” like the one I mentioned, since I am primarily savoring the cytoplasm.

I would be the guy who mistakes this for a weird looking grape and eat it

I did a bit of research and I found this discussion on the Reef Central forums (It’s about Valonia macrophysa, though):


if cells are salty, humans are aswell :moyai::+1:


i mean. yepp. I knew that.

I know what she is talking about, but wont tell anyone because I will leave you hanging :sunglasses:

I actually didnt even mean that but i mean in those cases it’s like entirely sweat and other fluids that cause salty.

so that’s why [redacted] tastes salty . . . yes i am leaving this for yall to interpret
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And different proteins have different amino acids sequences, so different tastes! :musical_note:hihi haha hihihoho :musical_note: :notes: :santa:

By the way, we should rather talk about cytosol, which is the cell’s gooey inards. Cytoplasm is the combination of organelles AND cytosol. According to wikipedia, cytosol is made up of 70% of water and 30% of ions and organic molecules. Its pH is neutral, so I don’t expect it to taste acidic nor bitter. My conclusion: it probably taste like water, but with a gooey texture. Not delicious.

What do you mean you knew that? You ever ate a human before? Why not a headcrab?

well is it sus though?
did you not mention it to abide with the forum’s rules?