What happened to the website?

Does anyone know what happened to the main Revolutionary Games website?
I checked it recently, it had an old design, made in 2014.
Is it a technical issue or something else?

I’ve moved some domains around (something I’ve needed to do for a long time) and it might take a while (up to four hours apparently) for things to propagate and subsequently return to normal. I still see the normal website but maybe that’s because the servers in each of our parts of the world have updated at different times.

EDIT: This does however mean at least half the process worked properly, so that’s encouraging.

ANOTHER EDIT: If people can keep me updated as to the status of the website (and forums) from their perspective, that would be great.

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Your theory may be correct. I’m seeing a normal website that’s probably not from 2014.

From western Europe: I see the normal website

Its the normal website down here in Australia too.

I too, can in fact observe a normal website

Yep, Looks normal to me


Are things fixed now for you?

Yeah, it’s working now.