What is the awakening stage supposed to be like?

I can’t make out what is supposed to become of this stage, or how it’s supposed to be different from the aware stage considering how few awakening topics are there. So what is supposed to be the idea here?

Awakening is the bridge between Aware and Society. This means you’ll have unlocked things like research, but early-stage it isn’t an RTS yet and you have to walk around by yourself (though you can unlock things like sharing research and the transition to RTS through research).
Early-stage is basically the same as aware, but you can slowly unlock techs, which will then, among other things, gradually introduce most mechanics you’ll use in the Society Stage. For example, you can discover Record Keeping, which makes the tech tree visible, or you can unlock Language to allow for communications (allowing you to, for example, give others tasks). Later, you can then improve Language into Cooperation, which allows others from the same species to unlock new things for you, and gives access to the RTS perspective. Society then starts when you found you first actual city (so not just a simple tribe)
(Read the Awakening Stage page on the wiki for further information)


This is but isn’t true at the same time. Think of it like ARK, you slowly learn new tech and tasks, and then it becomes and RTS after cooperation.


Thanks to you both! I’m so exited for this game, hopefully they can make it there!

Isn’t that exactly what I said? Also, no offence, but based on what? AFAIk the wiki page is the only “official” bit of information we have


I think awakening is like tribal, and society is middle ages?

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Awakening is like the aware stage but you no longer can evolve your creature physically There is an invisible tech tree until you unlock record keeping which allows you to see it

you control your organism and can communicate and with fellow species members eventually you’ll discover cooperation which allows strategy mode unlike spore you can still manually control your creatures afterwards like you would at the beginning of the stage

after wards you’ll research more stuff by doing certain things with your creatures until you can discover something the research list can be found and downloaded here

One thing to remember is that none of this stuff is really set in stone. When it comes to actually making these stages then things might look pretty different from how it was planned out several years ago. There’s a lot of good ideas that have been had in the past.