What is your story with Thrive?

Can we revive this it was really interesting

No joke one day i just typed in random words and put game next to it and the first one i did was thrive

(i was expecting a stupid animal simulator but i instead found heaven itself )

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i found thive when i was looking for spore like games, at the time i liked spore but it was no longer fulfilling.

“what a 1 month pause that was”

Way back in 2012, i was like “i wish spore was more scientific” “i wonder if there is another game meant to be like spore but more scientific” I found the thrive canadaboard forums, it was very very simple at the time, i think the playable bit was literally an ogre model floating in a parallax background. I looked into it, put it in the back of my mind for awhile, then in 2013, i “rediscovered it” and it was far less simple,

and i joined the team. Made a playable prototype with circles that evolved. And when you died it brought you to the nearest member of your species, and if you kept dying, all the way down your line.

The rest is history.


Isnt all of it technically history


I was going in deep into YouTube and accidentally found a video on this game. You guys know what going in deep means right?

I was looking for good open source strategy games then i saw thrive i clicked the link then it brought me to the page and i read through the origin story and the main pages text and then i was sold i loved the idea of the game and imagine if i didnt click that link i would have never knew of what thrive was

This is history.

So I wanted to buy Spore, but it never came to that, because of Thrive. I scrolled down the list of videos about spore, searching for good Letsplays. But then I saw a video called: ‘Is this the Spore 2 we’ve been waiting for?’ or something like that. So I found out about Thrive. And I really liked the way the Devs are eye-to-eye with the fans and, as with spore, the game concept was and is really cool.

I ain’t able to program even a simple text, neither am I familiar with notes (even though I love music) nor can I draw anything that lives. (I can draw dead things, but thats it)
But I think I can contribute to this game with my crazy creativity.

See video below


alright let’s start:
after i lose my file in spore, i start to search a new “evolution game” just like spore, and then i watched a video called “10 Jogos Indies de Evolução Mais Promissores” (Top 10 Indie Evolution Games[yep i’m brazilian :brazil:]) and in this video the guy mentioned a game called “Thrive” and he promisse that the Thrive will be a “Spore 2.0”, and i was like “Alright, i’ll check it later”, but i never do it… AFTER 5 MONTHS, i was desperate trying to remember the game name, but the videos was shut down, and then i feel so sad because i lose my chance to a new “Spore-Type” game.

Some days passed and i found a channel called “Kinesis” and this guy bright my day and started a serie of Thrive. And here i am.

I searched up Spore 2, and I found this.
Then I looked at their plans.