What mobile do you have? And if you use it to browse thrive com forum

For me Motorola g7 play and yes
I dont know what else to say

Who deletes a post 6 months after making it?

iPhone 6

Sometimes we do so :smiley:
You didn’t like it?

I don’t really mind, it is just strange? Did you change your phone type?

Yes i changed it. …///post filler\…

I think I browse this forum sometimes with an IPad Air because it’s easier than my slow laptop

Iphone 5s, but I don’t use it to browse thhe forums. I had a 6s but it was bootlooped from a virus and just yesterday I saved the 5s from the same virus (both from images and hijacked soundcloud) but I lost an odd 2 weeks because I didn’t backup my phone.