What was the strangest/bizarre/scary thing that happened during your gameplay

So… I’m making an iceberg about Thrive on the Iceberg charts, but for some reason it seems like no one has ever reported weird things that could be placed at the bottom of an iceberg so i made a thread for it


An example of something terrifying in game is The banana biome
Straight up horrifying
Almost died from a heart attack after seeing it


I’m sorry if this story isn’t too interesting, but a while back (i think it was early to mid 2021) I was doing a game of Thrive where I tried to survive in the abyss biome. I remember the game for some strange reason just started spawning members of my species at lightspeed on the screen, and eventually there was so many that I actually had to shut down my computer because Windows had completely frozen up. It was rather odd.

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The abyss was tired of looking back and started fighting back.

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I’ve seen those weird pink orbs in my game too! I think it’s something to do with the toxin clouds, because of the similar colour. Maybe it’s failing to spawn properly?

i believe that has been diagnosed and it spawns at the coordinates 0, 0. Forgot what it was tho

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It’s a perfect thing to put on the iceberg though. Layer: [TO BE DETERMINED]; Entry: Pink orbs

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I could have sworn there was an open issue about that, but I can’t find one no matter what keywords I use. That is most certainly (well not 100% sure, but pretty sure) a case where somehow the toxin particle emitters appear at 0,0 coordinates for a brief second.


grox entered thrive universe