What will the aware stage be like?

Will you have to earn parts like in spore or do you have to make your own?

From what was discussed in the past, if i remember right, you will have to make your own, but presets will likely be made, or catagories of things will be there, such as organs, limbs, stuff like that.

Yeah, I think presets will be available, but you can also make your own.

And please do not create threads for single questions, put them in the Quick Question Thread.

The plan is that you will be sculpting your creature instead of dragging and dropping premade parts. And this would make it so that the cell types you evolve in the cell stage would drastically affect how your different organs worked and that would make premade parts quite difficult to be really optimal.

If somethings in the game would be too difficult to implement (e.g.: create your own parts, design your own culture, design machines, etc.), would it be possible for the player to program his or her own parts ?

How would that work? Asking the player to please learn programming and then edit the thrive source code to their liking?

It might be a bit like CodeSpells / Scratch, where the devs added a very simplified language. It might take pretty long though, so I don’t know

I don’t see it being a requirement, but mods are always a thing, so anyone could program their own parts.

Alright. I’ll try to remember.

hej are there gonna be made up parts like a dino hand or somthin

No, they plan on… idk how the system they said is gonna work I know you design the creatures organs and bone structure.

Bob my man, I’m seeing a recurring pattern in your questions. They seem to be a little off what the game will be. I think that you think that Thrive will be alot like spore, with simplistic mechanics and ‘powerups’, etc. Rather, Thrive will aim to be more of a simulation, like Sim Everything (Which was Spore’s prototype). Also I see that alot of your questions are along the lines of “will X be in the game”. If it can happen in nature, most likely. I don’t mean to put you down, I just want to save you the trouble of getting an inevitable yes everytime.


i get you thanks for saying that to me :+1:

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