What would be considered adequate c++ skills for joining the programming team?

I have followed this game (mostly just lurking on the subreddit and occasionally checking the other media presence for anything exciting) for probably 3 years now, and I have always kinda wanted to contribute. My skills were lacking though, and I never really thought I would be able to contribute, but some time ago I acquired some python skills (would probably say I’m close to fluent at it by now). Now I am looking into learning C++ mostly just for the thrill of something new, but it would certainly be a bonus if I were able to contribute to Thrive sometime in the future. That’s why I wonder what would be adequate skills for me to consider applying. Also any information about libraries or framework I could learn that Thrive uses a lot of would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!


Thrive uses C++ and Angelscript. (The wiki has a list of sites to help learn both) As for what would be considered an ‘adequate skill’, the game is entirely open source. You can just check the code and the issues, and check if you can solve one or more of the open issues. If you can, you’re good enough that you can help out, and it would be great if you joined. (Programmers are currently the biggest bottleneck in Thrive’s development, so even if you can’t do a whole lot it’d still be helpful to work as a lowly bugfixer for smaller stuff and the like)


I don’t have much to add. I’ll share some links:

Setup instructions: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/blob/master/doc/setup_instructions.md

Direct link to issues: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/issues

If you have the skills to fix some bug or issue, you’ll get accepted to the team straight away.


Ah nice more aspiring programmers :slight_smile:

One thing I would suggest as a learning experience is maybe making some small games. So maybe use something like c++ and SDL to make snake. pong, aseroids, missile commander, space invaders, breakout, pacman, stuff like that. If you made a few simple arcade games that would teach you a lot and would give you something nice to show off I think.