Whats up with the forum app icon?

Screenshot_20220921-174843_One UI Home


I think it because the favicon for the site is really small (64x64)

Whait theres an app i whas just going on google all the time

On my android tablet the install as an app works just fine with showing a big icon. Let me guess this is some Apple specific thing? I haven’t configured an Apple icon for the forum because I didn’t have a suitable sized icon file so I’ve left that option blank.

i get it on android. No idea about the cause, it works fine everywhere thats not mobile.

Ahah what-
Does a forum like have an application of its own stop?

you can make a shortcut thing from chrome on android and PC through some eldritch ritual. edit: its not that eldritch until chrome isnt your main browser and on PC

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Discourse has an automatic feature where it offers to install itself as an app on your (Android) device when you browse the website.

Lol I also have this issue, over time it gets smaller and smaller, as you open the app over and over a fix for it is just uninstalling and reinstalling I found tho if it bothers you enough, but it’s only a visual bug as far as I can tell

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Lol, the app tracks how many “uses” of it you have left.


Im doing it on android, so its definitely not apple specific, but yeah, I also noticed that every time I opened it, it got smaller, what would cause this?

on pc its fine for my for now

For me it’s not tiny but it looks super blurry

Whoops sorry for the Necro