When i die and reproduce at the same time the game softlocks

So one time i was playing Thrive 0.6.3 and my cell started dying after a while. i was almost at reproduction so i was spamming the enter editor button at this point.when the cell was at 2hp, it unlocked. the screen faded black and i thought i barely survived and could continue. before it could open the editor screen,the cell died and i was instead greeted by my cell’s death. because i reproduced the game thought i was in the editor when i wasn’t so it didn’t give me a new one and i couldn’t continue editing because the ui wasn’t there. i believe that this is a huge oversight and should be fixed in the next update.

You mean the editor button never became active (pressable) again after this issue? If so then this has been reported before but I can’t find if there’s an existing issue open on our Github. Actually here it is:

One thing you can do is quick save and quick load and it should fix the problem. It has not been fixed before as this is just the second time this has been reported (so I have not prioritized it over the 600 or so other issues I need to also work on) and no volunteer programmer has shown up to fix it (Thrive is open source so anyone can send code fixes to us for inclusion to the game).

nothing except the pause menu was pressable

What do you mean? If you can open the pause menu, you can find the save and load options in there.

Yes but if i saved it surely would still be unplayable and if i loaded a previous save i would lose ~8 mins progress

The saving system does not preserve all of the game GUI state. There’s an explicit piece of code that resets the editor enter button to the state it should be in when loading a save. That’s why I think it should work to just make a save and load it immediately as that should reset the bugged GUI button state and allow you to proceed.

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ok its too late now it happened weeks ago