Where is everybody?

Where did everybody go? I know there are people online, but they aren’t responding to anything! :{

You are too active calm down.


It’s a forum, people don’t respond instantly to everything

also is your name a homestuck reference…

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What is this?

It’s a thing?

Homestuck is a thing

this video is a good introduction into the infinite hole of subculture

I’m sorry i am so active here, i just have nothing better to do right now!


Yeah we noticed that


ouch. What am i, @RoboRomb/@MechanicalPumpkin?
Because it seems like i am subconsciously doing the same things as them…

It’s as the saying goes. History repeats itself.

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Does this make me a sentient electron too?

More like a sentient photon.

Why? Because i’m weightless?
laugh track

Why do you have nothing better to do?

I stopped playing Terraria to be on this forum. Not sure why.

Why can’t you play Terraria?

I just finished it like yesterday! And i can if i wanted to, but i don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

everyone is gone…
reduced to atoms…

or busy it could be that too

but they also might be reduced to just molecules

I thought the Infinity Gauntlet only turns half of all life in the universe into dust!