Why do my posts keeping getting moved?

Why do my posts keeping getting moved? I do not like it and please stop moving my posts.

Your posts keep getting moved because they are in the wrong category or you made an unnecessary thread when using another thread would have worked just fine. They are being moved by the moderators of this forum.

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your posts get moved because theyre unnecessarily made
your questions could simply be asked in the quick question thread
no need to make a thread every time


It would be ironic if this got moved too.


speaking of which, this should get moved to the quick questions thread or the misc thread.

theres no need for that


do bug reports get moved?

No, bug reports will never be moved from the place where they are posted, regardless of whether they are in the section for bug reports. False or suspicious bug reports totally do not incite justified anger by the mods. Feel free to post anything you like under the guise of a bug report… if you want a temporary ban.

(For clarity, this post should not be taken seriously, except for the ban part.)


Well, atleast this one isn’t getting moved. :yum:

Posts get moved if they are:

  • Posted as offtopic in another thread
  • Posted as a new thread when they are such a small thing that they belong in another thread
  • A topic is moved to a different category if it was posted in the wrong category
  • Bug reports can be merged into an existing bug report thread if it is the millionth bug report of about the same thing (though I don’t always move them hoping that at some point the duplicate reports reach a critical mass and people stop reporting the same thing again and again)

I think this is a pretty good thread actually to keep around for people to maybe find out why we move posts around.