Why is the Thrive Community Wiki abandoned?

Nobody has been working on the community wiki except for me as of late, and i am worried.
Here’s the link: The wiki

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there really isnt much need for the community wiki tbh
most of the needed info is on the Dev wiki

Yea, well, the dev wiki hasn’t been updated in freaking years!
Plus only the devs can edit that, soooo…

check again…
its gotten an update at most a few months ago

I honestly don’t remember it, so unless it was massive, maybe you could send me a link?
I also cannot view the history to prove it myself because i am not a dev.
Edit: oh yea the History changed.

Well the hint is in the name, it is the “community” wiki so we developers don’t change it. In fact it would be pretty weird takeover of the community wiki if we did that.

I see also discussion on the dev wiki, which is an entirely different situation. And that is certainly something that should be getting some more love from us developers. I had to set the wiki edit history to private because it otherwise leaks edit info from private pages. I’ve modified 2 wiki pages in the past month, the team members list and the release roadmap to remove completed items from it.

Makes sense. But then why is none of the community working on it?

I mean you are part of the community, having posted quite a bit on these forums, right, so why are you not working on improving the wiki?

i think they actually are
based on what they said in their first post

Oh I had already forgotten that. Well I’ll change my answer to that the community is pretty small and most people are just content with being passive observers. Only when the situation of something is truly dire will many more people be inclined to act. I’ve been sort of maybe feeling the same way with Thrive development. I think if all of the current developers disappeared there’d be quite many quickly acting voices in the community trying to rally everyone together to find a fresh batch of programmers to not let Thrive die.


I still need to update the mucilage icon, but i can’t extract it!
Does anybody have the icon accessible?

If you don’t have Git LFS installed, you can browse the Thrive asset files on the ThriveDevCenter

Thank, HH! I didn’t know that!
Anyways, where the heck are the compound icon textures?
I cant seem to find them!
Edit: they were in assets/textures/gui/bevel, page 4.
Editing Edit: the size is wrong… Okay???
Editing Edit’s Edit: there is enough unused content in the git lfs (e.g. Hydrogen Icon) for me to want to make an ‘Unused Content’ Page.
Should i make an Unused Content Page? Hmmmmm.
Also the Removed assets (e.g. Amino Acids) is still there. This makes me want to update the existing Compounds page to include the icons!
And then there’s Oxygen, whose only icon change from compound to atmospheric variable is literally going from circle to a hexagon, unlike Carbon Dioxide which had both that and an icon change (it was originally a representation of the molecule, but is now a cloud.)
Editception: okay, i got the Mucilage to the right size (20 pixels), but only because source edit isnt making a fuss over me being on a tablet and not a computer, not to mention an alien browser (Amazon Silk)
Editing 5x combo: i have downloaded all the unused icons, and am ready to deploy them where applicable.
Done. I even updated the Upgrades page to have a proper table!

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You mean the “updated at” field? That’s just for the project settings. I actually already updated the website to say that that is the settings update time and I fixed a typo in the LFS token token.

How’s the size wrong? The sizes are rounded so many of the smallest files round down to 0 as they are just a few tens of kilobytes in size.

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It got printed at the wrong visual size (something like 512 pixels instead of 20). That’s what i meant. Didn’t exactly know how to change image sizes until literally right afterwards. Turns out, you need to source edit. Unfortunately, due to my mix of using an alien browser (Amazon Silk) on a mobile device (Amazon Fire Kindle), source edit seems to hate me, always screwing up where my typing cursor’s position is by 5 lines upwards.
Except for the one time i actually needed it to cooperate for ten minutes. Huh.

Why is the Thrive Community Wiki abandoned?

I am a procrastinator.

Thank you for updating the wiki


No problem, pal! :smiley:

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I was reading the dev wiki later stage pages, and noticed so many inconsistencies and outdated info that I could not help editing them:


there no tips only stages

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