Will it possible to play as a nomadic tribe similar to the Mongols?

New to the forum, so if I don’t have proper etiquette please let me know.
Will it be possible to play as a sort of Mongol like society, largely nomadic but sometimes going in and conquering sedentary societies, and if so will this be counted as Awakening or Society? Will you have to settle down in order to progress into Soc, and if not, how will that change be handeled?


I believe society stage, so long as you have a government of some sort and farm something, sure. The mongols were a herding people, and did farm animals for milk, so sure. And across time many “barbarian” peoples were just farmers that had a warrior culture and lived in small settlements, so I don’t see why not, though you may be held back in some areas from a lack of permanent settlement if you were nomadic, so I’d recommend a more European “barbarian” lifestyle, farming in small villages (you’d probably only control one, so it’d be a sort of challenge) and going on aggressive campaigns.

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