Will multicellular stage still being turn based gameplay?

will multicellula stage still being turn based gameplay?
how long it should take?100 years or 10 years?

What do you mean by turn based gameplay?

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every time click the evolve, feel like click the next turn button…

it’s more like skip the time frame

Its not turned based, its like spore when you click evolve you skip time and unlike spore the other cells evolve with you. If you don’t evolve will cells still evolve?

Currently in Thrive, the AI evo happens when you enter the editor, right? So I think it will remain like this, because every time you collect resources to reproduce wont last many time i guess.

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It depends on what you think is turn-based gameplay. Right now, whenever you evolve, other organisms evolve around you, and that is also the plan for the multicellular stage.

From what i understand it will be similar to microbe stage except instead of organelles you add lone cells, which you can design like unit classes like in strategy games

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