Will nuclear war be game over for your civilization?

With how many times our own civilization came close to nuking itself back to the stone age during the cold war and the fact that thrive is supposed to be somewhat hard, i found myself wondering, will it be possible for you to rebuild civilization from scratch in a hostile environment after such an event??

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Yeah, most likely. There will probably be a hard mode that throws game ending disasters, that you can’t prevent

I think it will be game over if you are not prepared.
It’ll be some sort of hard mode for the game like Oofer said.
If you are not advanced enough to fight off the nuclear explosion or even the after effects you are pretty much dead
I think it should be possible to rebuild civilization from scratch when everyone dies
Assuming that the after effects aren’t too bad

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Depending on the difficulty of the game.
Ultra Hard: game over
Hard: civ ending
Medium: city end
Easy: makes city low on amenities or something

I’d also make the consequences of the nuclear warfare be less terrible the more advanced you are
Like when you are near spacefaring it will affect you but not as hard as a third world country

I would think the opposite. A nuke could decimate an all important space port or something, while for a 3rd world country it would only kill a few hundred people.

well I guess that would balance the game for less advanced civilization

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Maybe have the results be disastrous and terrible regardless of your tech level, with your technology determining how easy it is for you to rebuild afterwards and clean up the mess?

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That would promote snowballing, and make the game to easy.

Maybe i should have said it better. I meant that nuclear war and it’s consequences should be bad for you regardless of your tech, and the rebuilding and cleaning up to also be pretty hard and costly, but your tech making it a bit easier, but it being pretty hard even if you are high-tech. Can’t see why that would make the game easier

I think it would balance the game and make more sense for VERY low quality of life countries to not be affected as much.

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It would make sense if the countries that were hit with nuclear bombs to suffered the most, while those who haven’t been will not suffer as much.

It all depends on the adaptations, the planet itself, and the technology of the nukes in general. Nukes are hard to build too, so mmph.

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yeah if the nuke was cheap it would not affect your civilization enough to cause permanent damage.

I’ll quote someone from Quora: “radiation is not magic death cooties”
So unless you really go all out and nuke every square kilometer of your planet, I highly doubt you can make your own species extinct. So while it’s probably much easier to nuke yourself back to the stone age, it’ll be hard to actually get a game over.


Yes, I think a nuclear war would be less a game over and more a major setback to your progress in the game in the more extreme cases. Certainly something to be avoided, but not impossible to recover from. I’m rather curious though, as to the extent of technological loss a civilization could experience when facilities and industry are rapidly lost. As well as how easily such technologies could be reclaimed. I imagine young and budding technologies would easily be lost but more established technologies would probably remain.


Yep, cities and infrastructure would be devastated by the bombing, but life would continue for the rural population, as well as people from cities that weren’t hit.

The only way it would lead to extinction is if there’s a big nuclear winter, and even then maybe someone would survive somehow.

The only way that could end in a game over is if you are so far behind that you are building your first Society Center and you get nuked, but even that could be prevented by not sending all units to the SC when it is still being built.

How ever, nukes may be the winning strategy, if you’ve ever heard of the project Orion. Essentially, sending pulses of nuclear bombs, and riding them in a controlled manner. This world has shut down such propulsion due to the nuclear test ban treaty, but if another world doesn’t see nukes as a threat, or simply doesn’t make such a border to the technology, then hulling around payload in the solar system would be pretty much easier based off of what I’ve heard.

There’s a few alternative propulsion technologies which could be cheaper. Nuclear pulse is certainly one of them.