Will the caveman leader be different?

I was wondering if, say, you’re a nomadic caveman tribe, and you have a leader (assuming it’s a singular leader, not a counsel or whatever). Would that leader be assigned buffs, like better brain power, or more brute strength? Also, perhaps those stats (if assigned, although nomadic tribe leaders are usually superior in at least one domain, that’s why they’re picked) would be randomly selected in accordance to your play style? For example, a social tribe needs a diplomatic and charismatic leader, while a tech-savvy tribe wants someone with good decision making. What do you think?

Well, some native american tribes actually had a primitive democracy, i.e. they could vote for their leader.

Wouldn’t the causality go the other way; that individuals with better stats would be more likely to be made leader?


Yeah, it just really depends on the tribe’s mentality.

Agreed. For example in some groups of animals on earth some leaders are picked by sexual maturity, display, or other thing that humans would not consider a relevant reason for leadership. (I know we are talking about tribes but I think this is about the same idea)