Will the game feature voice acting?

Are the game planned to have voice acting with fictional language or just alien noises that when combined sounds like a alien language?

The only way I see that we would have voice acting is if we have a narrator for the few intro videos we have and also maybe the tutorial.

It’s certainly been the dream of the old devs to have David Attenborough to narrate the game but that’s quite unlikely, really. Fortunately, we have a certain British person lurking in the team still who hopefully can take the mantle when such opportunity arises…

Anyway, interesting question, there hasn’t been discussion between the devs on how to go about doing creature voices in the game in general. Would the sounds made be procedural and affected by mouth design etc.

This rings enough bells that I’m pretty sure this has been discussed on the community forums. And the dream certainly is that the mouth structure of the species would affect the kinds of sounds it can generate.

Sounds like we’re gonna make a biological version of this:

Spore had the mouths be voice acted.
Dont trust me?
Here’s a link:

Almost all of them are voice acted by Dee Bradley Baker, by the way.
(I just thought i’d through that in there, in case at least one of you people didnt know that.)
Honestly dont know what that means for Thrive, though.

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