Without Horizen - Doomlightning Novel

Right now i did work on the synopsis and i wish to know how it is:

A world where Islands in every corner and full of ruins, after a period of peace maintained by a federation of several unique races, began to notice that suddenly, the mana currents that gave life disappeared. The federation that has ruled the islands for a long time is trying to deal with threats, both new and old, that have begun to float on the surface. But only one solution came to mind for all the things that were expected - to run.
Drax, an magical researcher who happens to run into the whole entanglement, tries to figure out why they’re trying to escape and not solve them, and even to solve, but discovers things he might have been better off not knowing.

I wish to know if that ok


Pro tip: to proof read put the text into a text-to-speech and hear it, it will help you know if there are typos


I did that, and after some additing, i got the final resole.

and now, i will go to summit the novel, i hope it will work.
it will take some time to get approve [up to 48 hours]

I Will be happy to know if anything wrong before i will hide the link to the google docs (To avoid any inconvenience:


if any one what to contiun to help me and read the novel before everyone, i think i will gled to create some secret PM to get an eraly stuff [just to avoid some stuff abouth)

Edit: The novel got Approve! here the link:


Wait, “Without Horizen” wasn’t a typo?

Pandora use so many time that its feel abit uncanny.
Soo instand, i think the "without horizon fit better with the tanemic of islands

That my opinion atlist

But in the title it’s horizen, not horizon


this also fix

Wait what

U know what going to happan, soo I keep that right (and because they say that if I don’t do that, that most likely get rejected)

Cover v.1:

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