World Destroying Star challenge

I think as a challenge you should have a race against time where you can choose a star type and that will be your timer, White is unlimited and is the normal one and then yellow, orange, and red are timed with each one shorter then the last. You will have to reach the space stage and leave your solar system before your sun destroys everything.

You got the colors all wrong - red dwarf stars are the longest lived, then orange, then yellow, then white. You may have been thinking of red supergiants, of which life cannot easily arise in the vicinity of.
This has been discussed before, though.

I thought white was a new star and red was an old star that’s about to die, my mistake I’m more of a biologist then an astronomer

But that doesn’t make any sense, a new star is white, and slowly becomes more and more red as it grows old, so technically these colors are right.

EDIT: A crude but appropriate diagram of what I am referring to.

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I think white dawarfs burn hotter and brighter so they die faster while red dwarfs burn slowly and last longer. were thinking of giants where they do that

hold on, are we talking about normal stars or dwarf stars?

I dont even know anymore lol

Also, white dwarfs actually last as long, if not longer than red dwarfs, I think…

I googled it they dont… wait now google is confusing me :exploding_head:

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We may never know, no red dwarf has reached adulthood yet. What I do know is that white dwarves are much more stable than red dwarves.

First off, for a planet to be warm enough to develop life, it needs to be extremely close to the red dwarf. This is a problem as red dwarfs can give of large solar flares, and can also develop cold sun spots. This is very bad for a planet so close to the star.
White dwarves don’t do this, and while they may not last as long, they are certainly safer.

So red dwarves might be added for hardcore extra challenge mode!

so what star do we use for each time? short, medium, long, forever

well in the case of normal stars,

forever - white
long - yellow
medium - orange
short - red
supershort - massive fiery ball of doom