World wars like

what will world wars be like??

  • 2d
  • 3d

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(here a example:Khan Academy for 2d(not a ad))

What’s the point of this thread? Thrive is a 3D game, though the microbe stage has a top down view (and also early multicellular).

What would make sense is to talk about how the battles are simulated and how fancy the animations on the 3D graphics representing armies is done.


first is that how will the player convince others to start world wars? Using chat like in minecraft or like the quickchat in among us?

Neither. Those would be very complicated to do and we couldn’t even really do that unless we either find an open source chat AI, or manage to attract very talented volunteers to do that.

Instead think about how diplomacy is handled in 4X games, which is what Thrive’s society and later stages will try to be like.

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i know one and i will give u the link in 11:59am

From what I remember the mid-early soacecstage should be paradox style grandstrategies and such. Even though I’m not sure so if @hhyyrylainen can confirm that would be nice.
I would like to be simmilar to how vic2 does great wars , without the whole great wars needed to be reasearched part.
Bassically if enough major powers are at war with high enough technology. To become a major powers you must get high enough stats. (I’ll rather keep wjat stats vague)

Well I mean it really has not been decided. I got a hunch that more people are wanting to Thrive be more like Civ than Paradox strategy games (i.e. more 4X style game than grand strategy, if that’s the term for what Paradox strategy games are).

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Yeah but how would you be able to make a 4x game from thrive? (Also you can make a 4x grandstrategy without a problem stellaris being one)

What’s the problem there? We just follow the plan with society stage moving to a strategy game camera view and the player controls units like a strategy game. At the same time we can unlock various new GUI panels for managing the country, diplomacy, towns etc.