World wars + Robot Revolts

In the society stage, you’d be going to war with other kind of your own species.

If you’d get more into the modern age, there’d be conflict between different leaders of the planet, and then, world wars!
Similar to ww1 and ww2, except aliens and different tech. This age would be called the “atomic age”, in this age you’d have to try and develop better tech to fight against the enemy, or enemies. Sooner or later you’d invent the atom bomb, and win the wars. Then, afterwards, launch your first satellite!

Or, during the digital age, you’d be at war with the Ai of your species. Singularities!


I would like the option to “evolve” the species past their biology or make cyborgs. Or continue playing as the AI if I lose the robot wars, because technically they’re the descendants of the species that created them.


The first world war was decidedly pre-atomic, though. I think it would better to decouple technology and world war, as these wars are a result of growing border tensions, territorial ambitions, and having lots of entities involved in the conflict. I don’t see while an existing war system can’t just get scaled up.

The atom bomb was only used for one conflict, the United States against Japan. Every other war victory was either through overwhelming force, or war exhaustion.
During the Cold War, arising from the growing Soviet bloc clashing ideologically and sometimes physically with the United States and its allies, nuclear weapons did exist. However, they were basically only used as a deterrent, because blowing up one would start a full scale war, with both sides having one making that war even more bloody.

Okay, thanks for the info.