Worldbuilding session #1

I will create the envorinment
Planet name : Exodus
Gravity: 90% of earth’s gravity
Atmosphere: 10% more thick than earth’s
Atmosphere composition: 30% oxygen, 30% carbon dioxide, 39% nitrogen, 0.99% methane, 0.01% other gasses
Land composition: 65% water, 35% land
Stage: Primordial soup

A few minutes later…
The ancestor species… Primius thrivius… emerges
Primius thrivius dominates the primordial seas until the chosen cell mutates into… Primius mobilis, a version of primius thrivius that has a cillia attached allowing for faster speeds

Primius mobilis started to outcompete primius thrivius, but a subspecies of primius thrivius emerged, called primius thrivius elitus, that was much bigger and had a spike which it used when it was preying on primius mobilis. And the species domination of the planet plateued at about 40% primius mobilis, 20% primius thrivius, and 40% Primius thrivius elitus

No longer is it the primoridal soup, now it is a microbial battleground

2 million years later, Primius protus emerges
it is a bacteria that has a basic engulfing mechanism, and it is large, and aided by a flaggelum.
Primius warus, a cell with a spike and a flagella emerged 1 million years later, and it took up a decent 20% of the world’s living things.
Then one day 500,000 years later, a cell swallowed another cell but instead, it became a integrated organelle. This cell rose to dominance over the course of 3 million years, dominating a decent 40% of the world organism population.

This cell diverged into two lineages:
The Doublious Solarius, a photosynthetic prokaryotic cell, which reigned the seas
And the Doublious Animalius, a protist-like eukaryotic cell that hunted and fed on several smaller bacteria such as primius thrivius elitus, which dominated the seas

However another 20 million years later
one day something happened… and multicellular life emerged in Doublious Solarius, forming a new species called Duosolarius multimicrobia
Which was originally green but soon there was duosolarius multimicrobia crimsoniae which was like red algea
Doublious Animalius and various predatory single celled eukaryotes struggled at first to piece apart the drifting multicellular fortresses of the Duosolarius multimicrobia, but then diverged into 2 further lineages:

  1. Acidiousae Bacuanimlius which was a acid secreting organism that used acid to destroy duosolarius multimicrobia
  2. Swarmisakuiose which is a microbial species advancing towards multicellularity but only has basic cell calling behavior to alert and swarm duosolarius multimicrobia
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