Worldbuilding session #1

I will create the envorinment
Planet name : Exodus
Gravity: 90% of earth’s gravity
Atmosphere: 10% more thick than earth’s
Atmosphere composition: 30% oxygen, 30% carbon dioxide, 39% nitrogen, 0.99% methane, 0.01% other gasses
Land composition: 65% water, 35% land
Stage: Primordial soup

A few minutes later…
The ancestor species… Primius thrivius… emerges
Primius thrivius dominates the primordial seas until the chosen cell mutates into… Primius mobilis, a version of primius thrivius that has a cillia attached allowing for faster speeds

Primius mobilis started to outcompete primius thrivius, but a subspecies of primius thrivius emerged, called primius thrivius elitus, that was much bigger and had a spike which it used when it was preying on primius mobilis. And the species domination of the planet plateued at about 40% primius mobilis, 20% primius thrivius, and 40% Primius thrivius elitus

2 million years later, Primius protus emerges
it is a bacteria that has a basic engulfing mechanism, and it is large, and aided by a flaggelum.
Primius warus, a cell with a spike and a flagella emerged 1 million years later, and it took up a decent 20% of the world’s living things.
Then one day 500,000 years later, a cell swallowed another cell but instead, it became a integrated organelle. This cell rose to dominance over the course of 3 million years, dominating a decent 40% of the world organism population.

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