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(Stealth) #1

This thread is where you can place all your stories that you write I one big collection. You don’t have to put it here, but it would be nice to keep them together. Your stories can be about anything you like, but spammy low effort posts (of the kind we have seen before) will probably not be allowed. However, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a good writer, you can still post here. Please be kind and constructive when responding to stories. Enjoy! Here is a similar thread from the old forum to give you an idea:

(Oliveriver) #2

I considered posting this here a while ago and decided against it, but eh, what’s the harm? Apparently @Biologicah likes it, so I have one fan.

This is a short story about a time traveller at the end of time, alone…or is he?

It used to be one chapter within a much longer novel, but I scrapped the novel and moved on to other ideas. This one chapter stood out when I randomly re-read parts of it last week, and I decided to completely change the characters and backstory but keep the same general concept. And Brian. Brian was always in it. I hope somebody enjoys it.

(tjwhale) #4

Finally got round to reading this, it was really good.