This is where you put writing prompts or responses or even just random writing ideas you had. Frale did a pretty good writing on the miscellaneous thread around this time which is why I’m making this.

Idea 1: Write a story where you tell an event, you then switch to a flashback until the event happens again. You describe the same event again and again but each time the added context changes the meaning. For example the reader feels pity for the character he felt angry at when he read the first iteration.

Idea 2: The character A and character B talk to each other. They have grudges against each other and they accuse or confuse something. They don’t tell the whole story, they only tell the part they think the other side needs to know. A asks B if B understands him. B says he understands A, but he in fact confused the event with a different event and thinks A revealed something that he actually didn’t. They leave the site. Unbeknownst to A and B, C and D were secretly watching them, C and D were also unaware of each other. They hear the same thing, but they confuse the event that is being talked about with different events and they think that they learned a secret. The event was about the character C, he heard a confession that was being kept a secret from him, but he doesn’t get it. What C and D thought they heard are different from what each other though and what B thought. Each character acts on the info they acquired. There was just 1 event that happened but poor communication caused 3 people to misinterpret it differently and the misunderstanding grows in plain sight.

Idea 3: The story is told from omnicient view, but it is almost like a first person view because it follows just one person. We don’t know who person is, we just get some details about stuff like how he walks. He walks around and talks to people. We hear what those people say and how this character talks back. The reader quickly understands that a big event has happened. Those people are mostly talking about where were they during the event. Then the camera focus changes. We see the events progress after these talks, without following anyone. In the end of the story, we see two people talking. The second one replies to the first one something like “you’re welcome, jack” and that is a huge reveal to the readers because they understand that the character the camera followed in the beginning of the story was the culprit of the big event that happened before the story started.

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