Ya'll need some of me?

Hi everyone, I’m new for this forum but not for the project, in fact, I follow this big dream for almost 2 years now, wishing it’s best. :smiley:
Btw, I draw, and because I love to draw animals and weird creatures, I love spore and I’m able to do textures (I do them starting from a 2D mask, I’m not the best but… maybe I’ll suffice) maybe you need some concept artist or a texture girl?
I’ve sended to you a mail some time ago… but 6 month have passed and I’m afraid it’s lost in time now…


It must’ve been that they missed it.
Try contacting a developer through DM here, is what I’d do. Not sure if they would do the same.

Edit: Welcome! Read the rules 'n such.

There is a Concept Art Thread in Fan Art


I can do better than that, no offense involved.

Check them out ^^


That portfolio looks amazing. I like your art style.

The best artist on the forums and the only good one that colors

Thanks to both of you ^^
I love colors :smiley:
Where I should put this link too?

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I’d recommend trying to email them again, sending the portfolio link in the email.
Or just DM.

It seems I can’t get the email… when I click on the link in the website, the default windows email program open up :smiley:

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I smell a possible contribution to the art teaaaaam


Holy Belgium your art style is amazing!

I wish I could draw this good.

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we need some devs in here!! i’ll try to get them here

Graphics developers aren’t in the highest demand. This may seem disparaging, but the team’s main focus is programming.
That being said, I’m not in charge of applications. I think your art is quite good, you can do many styles, and we can always use some fresh, fully painted, concept art.

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Welcome to the forums! Although the forums can be inactive at times, its still nice hanging out with tons of nice people.

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I understand, In fact I’ve checked the main site before asking here, so I know what they need first. Unfortunately I can’t program a single thing, and my mind wont collaborate at learning it so :smiley:
The only thing I can do is help them with the little graphic abilityes I have, and because I’ve played the game I can have some good ideas, who knows?

yes, sadly.
i would like to see this kind of artwork in-game.
(but we are’t at that stage yet)

I don’t think her style would fit Thrive its too realistic.

Too realistic? You do realise that thrive won’t be cartoony like Spore is.


Yes but hers look much more realistic that what we have now

i’m thinking late game

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