You can build on nothingness (in prototypes)

i think that’s a feature, not a bug


it’s probley a bug


I’m assuming this is the society stage? Those are extremely rough prototypes meant to base future parts of the game on far down the line, and as such are nowhere near complete, and especially not bug proof. Anything past unicellular/early multicellular is extremely barebones prototype, and so bug reports are unnecessary - the devs know that there is a lot broken with those because they aren’t anywhere close to ready to play yet


unnecessary is not useless

Never said it was - but those stages aren’t meant to be playable yet, and so it is unhelpful to have bug reports about them when they are so far down the line from what the devs are working on now. Just trying to inform you before you make more similar bug reports!


they are meant to be playable just not to be anything more than a prototype since a few prototypes change the complaints about thrive from lack of stages to development speed

This is exactly right. I’m going to go as far as to say that I won’t personally accept any bug reports about the later prototypes than multicellular. So reporting any problem is completely useless for those. I know personally at least like a hundred things wrong in the prototypes but as they are so far off and so rough prototypes I have not bothered to open Github issues for any of them.


are you multicellular or spacefareing because i haveing a hard time figureing it out

They have just a title set to “spacefaring”, I’ll clear that as obvious abuse of the title system to impersonate a group.

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