Your lore ideas (for Thrive)

Lore or background lore or however is it called

keep in mind that this thread is for fun

your lore can include pretty much anything
humans using ascension gates or humans being lost by them

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tips for dystopian theme

source: Dystopian Story Ideas: 21 Scary, Yet Engaging Concepts for Your Next Novel - Brilliantio

A dystopian movie typically takes place in the future in a society that a repressive government controls. The government controls every aspect of life, and the citizens are kept in line through strict rules and surveillance. In some cases, the government may control to maintain order and prevent chaos. In other cases, the government may be corrupt and totalitarian, oppressing its citizens for its gain.

Dystopian movies often explore individuality vs. conformity, oppression vs. freedom, and technology vs. humanity. These movies ask questions about what it means to be human and whether our technology is ultimately helping or harming us.

Gotta be a whale and some petunias somewhere in the thrive lore.


I’ve moved this to #not-thrive to reflect that this is just for fun.

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The LUCA in Thrive is actually an attempt at seeding life by the last humans


Uteen ascension lore part 2.

Freeing the Uteen doesn’t end up in a fight. It results in not getting the god tools. It is the right thing to do, but maybe not satisfactory.

God tools are posessed by the Uteen, so they come with some drawbacks. The tools become more “unstable” as you use them, the side effects increase. If you stop using them for some time, the unstableness cools down.

  1. The tool of destruction: You can destroy planets with one click using this. But it sometimes attacks civilisations stronger than you and starts a war, and then stops working until the war ends. It can also attack your planets, these attacks don’t destroy everything unless the tool is in maximum unstability.

  2. The tool of currency: You can trade with any civilisation. You have infinite amount of every money. But it gives you random stock market crashes.

  3. The tool of happiness: You can increase the happiness of all your planets or use this to make alliences with other civilisations. It randomly causes unhappiness and your planets suddenly declare independence from you.

  4. The tool of values: You can convert any planet to your ideology or religion. It randomly converts your planets to other religions, or revives forgotten beliefs.

  5. The tool of evolution: You can turn any species to any other species instantly. It can randomly change the inhabitants in some of your planets to anaerobic creatures, and they start to drown, you have to go save them.

  6. The tool of habitability: You can instantly terraform any planet, but it can randomly do the opposite.

  7. The tool of construction: It designs houses with the maximum earthquake resistance, fire resistance, etc. It can also turn planets into ecumenopolises. It can randomly change the cement in the buildings to pudding, making the buildings collapse.

  8. The tool of alchemy: You can turn any material to any other material. It can randomly increase a stars metalicity and cause it to go supernova. Or the pudding thing. That may also happen.

  9. The tool of forces: You can have antigravity or other effects. It can randomly cause true vacuum bubbles, you need to wait for the tool to start to responding to your commands again in order to fix it.

  10. The tool of knowledge: You can instantly uplift any species. It may send some of your planets back to awakening stage.

The number of tools may be increased.

The way to complete the game is collecting all the god tools. The way to get all of them is different. For the tool of destruction, you need to fight the civilisation that owns it. For the tool of values, you need to convert the planets of the civilisation that owns the tool, these are immediately converted back to their previous religion/ideology, you need to keep doing that (and doing it fast enough) so that their tool becomes unstable, and they want to get rid of it. For the tool of construction, you need to win architecture competitions, impressing their population which switch to your style of architecture, forcing the use of the tool. The owners of the tool of forces live in custom universe they built for themselves. You need to get to there using the latest technologies in the game.

Once you get all the tools you combine them to make the thanos gauntlet or the one ring to rule them all. You make the single god tool. When it is completed, the god tool became very unstable and starts destroying the galaxy, it is weirdmageddon. You have to enter the god tool an stop the Uteen from causing the end of the universe. The god tool is the game file of the Uteen species. It is a previous version of the game, and the game is broken. It is full of jokes and fetures that didn’t made it to the final game. For example, you start in the cell stage, but the cells have googly eyes. You play the thrive game again, alongside the uteen.Once you make it to space stage and make the ascension device before the uteen (therefore defeating the uteen) (the ascension device uses the glitches in the game, which are fixed outside here, they only exist in the uteen game file) you receive two options. You can either kill the Uteen[1] and fix the god tool, or have mercy. There is a cutscene about how the Uteen only used the tool for self defense, the whole galaxy attacked them because they wanted to tool for themselves, and then imprisoned the Uteen in this isolated game file after the battle of crash. If you decide to change your idea and let the Uteen have the god tool, you exit the game file together. The Uteen fixes the galaxy, in like 30 seconds.(If you take the complete god tool for yourself, you start in a broken galaxy where everyone declared war in you and have to fix it yourself). Then the Uteen returns and says “with great power comes great responsibility” or something like that. And then asks you to chose one god tool. After you receive it, the Uteen says “the ascension is not an end, it is a beginning” and turns into steve and goes to heaven. Then you have roll credits, there are the names of the mod team and the previously ascended players. After watching the credits or skipping it, you return to the game and able to use the god tool you choosed without side effects.

  1. there are ruins of civilisations which tried the same thing and failed ↩︎

Whoch means loosing, as such to reach the end state of the game you would need to fight.

Well then I guess it’s good that this isn’t a serious suggestion, then, hence why it is in this thread. No need to argue about balance when something will never happen anyway, it was just fun to read (and I assume to create) the lore that was proposed



Humans were low on resources and desperately tried to find way to create them and they built ascension gate which allowed both creating and destroying matter.

stuff went wrong, ascension gate exploded and caused space time fluctuations etc and same circumstances that caused life on earth happened all around universe and life happened in other places :cheese:

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With my ancient civilization concept and subsequent lore via files, texts, audio, etc, I actually have planned on referencing Humanity as an easter egg