You're the GMs I'm the player

In this game, all of you are the GM, and I’m the player.
You have to work out your own rules, world, and story. If you want me to come up with some kind of system in which you have to follow, @ me and I’ll edit this to include the rules.

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Yea we kinda need rules for this thing
If it wasnt hard for me to think of some good stuff for rules
I wouldve done that myself

If you want I could add an influence point system.

ok - some quike doom brain in work:

In the flat world known as the Derrickenrod, the intercosmic current ridden world of the Lao Realm is in trouble!
For a long time they lived peacefully until “them” arrived - you can say they are outsiders, others say they are a punishment from the gods and Matim say that these restore peace to their order, but what they really are is known as the “abyss” - the junction between the current and the next current which symbolizes a new incarnation and an era New to the world.
Already from the moments when the world approaches the crossroads, strange things are already felt and mysterious things began to emerge from the “abyss”. Until one day, a personage of shadow and blood appeared and set foot on this earth for the first time - the “creatures of the abyss” emerged and began to wreak havoc. Luckily for you, there was an army that was ready to repel them, and even in victory and closed the abyss. But the blood price was enormous.
This is where you come in - can you help the world last until it moves on to the next stream, or will you be trampled by them?

This is a single player strategy, luck and management game made by none other than your favorite Doom!
To play it, you are invited to create your profile consisting of several things:

Name: (will be used as your username)
Profession/job: (something that sets you apart, will determine how others will see you and what you can possess)
Race: There are 5 known breeds locally:

  1. Humans - a creature that actually plays the role of omnipotent. He has no weaknesses or strengths. They are also relatively common
  2. Turlok - a human-like creature, they are bigger than them and have the horns of a gazelle. They are fast and know their mountains like the back of their hand. They are very agile, but in close combat they are not very strong.
  3. Trolls - large and thick muscular creatures. They are known for their ability to heal non-fatal injuries and also for their strength. Admittedly, they are slow and sometimes difficult to control, but their loyalty to the battle is unbreakable, for better or for worse.
  4. Kazinmar - Those who only imagine who they are, can say that they resemble ants, but those who look or have seen them, they are very smart insects. Their technology and sheer numbers only help their reputation as foresters of land and water. They roll in swamps and seas. They love the night and are quite blind during the day, but as cannon fodder, they are excellent, after all, there are more than enough of them.
  5. Jindirlarders - some say they don’t really live, others do, but this is where the understanding about them ends. They are nothing more than snail-like crystals that communicate with each other in magical singing. Magic and mana flow around them and their magical power is unshakable among the other races, but they are very fragile.

All races are able in one way or another to interbreed, which gives them the advantage and disadvantages randomly, but these are extremely rare.
You are welcome to choose one of them or a hybrid of 2 of them. The world is flat after all.

Kingdoms: You can come up with a name for her. According to the race you choose, the concentration of the population in it will also be complex.

The course of the game: it was in the style of tower defense strategy and management between systems. I plan it wasn’t too long, but involved diplomacy, loss and events. Joy and pain, but the most important of all - your ability to plan for the worst.

Who knows who you are you may lead the world to prosperity or loss.

More details coming soon!

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Name: Fredrick Farwind (Farwind is a family of famous travelers/privateers)
Profession/job: Privateer (Pirate that works for my kingdom.)
Race: Human
Kingdom: Avilon (Island nation)

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I don’t understand though, do we make multiple games or is there just a single game in which we all are gms?

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One game where your all the GM’s

I have started, u can contoiune my work:

I see I see Fredrick Farwind, comes from a long line of privateers and adventurers. The dynasty is known for revelations and revelations that only slow down these known ones, and only you are able to turn to you in case you need a situation that only your dynasty can handle.
You are a privateer of the Kingdom of Avilon, an island kingdom of commerce and especially known as a hotbed of pirates. This is a place that has been mostly under the flat sky for long periods since it was established. You have known the sea for years and have fought against pirates and enemies.
But that fateful day when the “Abyss” began, rows of black fish began to attack everyone around. You certainly helped fight with your loyal team.
It was hard with most of the ships in your possession being damaged and many of your crew killed until there was one ship left.
In recognition of your efforts to stop this invasion, you have received gold that can help you progress further. But everyone hopes that it was and just ended. You, on the other hand, think differently.

Money: 500 gold
Teams: “Pirates”: 50 (humans, weapons - 6-barreled rifle, iron swords), the Farwind gunships (private ship, 20 explosive cannons), 2 pirate sorcerers (humans, Magic: Healing, Water. range - close).

Name: Fredrick Farwind (Farwind is a family of famous travelers/privateers)
Profession/job: Privateer (Pirate that works for my kingdom.)
Race: Human
Kingdom: Avilon (Island nation)

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How are we even coordinating this?

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You could start a private chat to talk about it, with me excluded since im the player. You could pitch different ideas and vote on them, or assign a turn order or point system, IDK, you choose.

Alright how do actions work, what can I do here?
Is it like:


BUY - 2 mages (with long range water manipulation spells to keep evil fish away)

BUILD - 2 Steel plated gunships

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Ah well, anyone want to make a shop with different prices for different things so I can buy stuff?

I see u want to barging for a price.

Its will cost u 40 for the 2 mage and 350 for the plated gunship

Hmm… Will it be cheaper if I plate my already build gunship?

if so - 200 gold for upgreat that, but its afcore will take time.

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UPGRADE - Private Gunship → Private Reinforced Gunship

HIRE - 2 Mages (with high enough water magic to keep evil fish away.)

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I changed the name of the thread really quick.

Oh my god I wish I could like edits, I don’t know why but the freaking “you’re” correction gets me every time.

What do you mean by like edits?

Name of the game.