YouTube Walkthroughs/Playthroughs

Here, you can share game walkthroughs/playthrough from YouTube and its youtubers.

I’m going to start the thread by posting playlists. (most of my links will be for 13+ years old people)

AVGN playlist EN (Warning : Coarse language and the guy drinks a bit of beer from times to times)

JDG FR [EN subtitles, though older vids had better ones] (jokes, coarse language)

Dying Light FR - fantabobgames (now known as Bob Lennon; Blood, coarse language, jokes)

Resident Evil 6 FR - fantabobgames (Blood, partial nudity, coarse language, jokes)

Saints Row 3 FR - fantabobgames (Jokes)

Skyrim FR - Bob Lennon (Jokes, blood, etc. - the guy made over 400 vids and is not done, gl)

Fallout 3 FR - TheFantasio974 (the guy left youtube; jokes, bit of blood, etc.)

Fallout 4 FR - TheFantasio974 (series is abandoned now; jokes, blood, etc.)

The Walking Dead EN - PewDiePie (blood)

The Last of Us EN - PewDiePie (blood, coarse language)

The Evil Within 1 & 2 EN - Markiplier (blood, coarse language)

Five Nights at Freddy EN - Markiplier (screams)

The Last of Us EN - jacksepticeye (blood, coarse language)

Hey, @hhyyrylainen, I recall that you talked about a Turret (AKA Tourette) Youtuber. You can share the vids, if you want.

Also, I can’t find any proof that “Turret” is a correct spelling:


It’s not, BlackJackSike just thinks it’s funny to write it that way for some reason.

Well in that case…

This is what got me into evolution.

Time to make you angry.

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Here are some videos about a fictional dystopian society.