0.4.0 General Bug Fixing

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #46

Idk what is this error?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

Also this is my specifications of my laptop :

Acer Aspire 4752G

Intel Core i5-2450M

Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Nvidia GeForce 610M 1GB


1366x768 resolutions

512GB Seagate SATA II

Laptop from 2012

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(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #47

i don’t no a lot, but i no their is a bug around Intel Graphics Cards.

(Untrustedlife) #48

Try forcing thrive to use your nvidia card.

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #49

I have try it to use Nvidia but still didn’t work

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When I tried that thrive wouldn’t run (after I had used my integrated graphics). I think there is an issue where the game tries to reuse cached shaders and doesn’t work. I haven’t tested yet, but what maybe should work is deleting the thrive folder and then trying again without the cache.


That’s likely an issue. From the log you posted above I see the game is crashing while trying to initialize opengl.


I assume you have integrated intel graphics? There’s a few other people with organelles also not rendering and they all have new enough intel hd graphics that the game starts, but doesn’t render correctly.

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #53

Yeah, Integrated intel graphics but also have nvidia discrete graphics

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #54

Yes, I use Nvidia and it works fine now. It’s because Intel HD Graphics 3000 issue

(He who abuses the search function) #55

I was just watching the podcast, and I think you misread what I said: Instead of “it’s quieter than it used to be”, I meant “I literally can’t hear anything except for getting hit by toxins, being able to reproduce, the song you get when you start a new game and the main menu song”, and I had those error messages I posted. Something like the game OST you can hear in the podcast doesn’t exist for me

(The Third Duke of Silly) #56


Thrive crashed, so here’s a log output
Things I noticed prior to crashing:

  1. List of compounds would not update
  2. Pretty much silent, save for water noises
  3. Reduced rate of stuff happening


This should be fixed soon: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/issues/663

This is a bit more difficult but hopefully will be fixed at some point.

I think this is one of those random physics crashes during gameplay.

(The Third Duke of Silly) #58

From what my non-coder eyes can tell, it’s having trouble finding required sound files in the sound folder


I highly doubt that it is missing files, otherwise no sounds would play at all.
It’s likely a problem with exceeding the number of simultaneous playing sounds.

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #60

help, i can’t download the launcher .
it says: “Failed - Forbidden”.


From github? We can’t really help you if you can’t download files from github.

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #62

ok… i got that, but then this happened:

it said this:
Playing Thrive 0.4.0

Hash for file ‘Thrive-’ is invalid (download corrupted or wrong file was downloaded) please try again
edit: what i rely need is instructions for manual installation.


I think the issue might be your internet connection being unstable and the download gets interrupted.

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #64

I think just delete Thrive- file on %appdata%\Thrive Launcher or Revolutionary Games folder then try download again.

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #65

thanks! i’ll try that