0.5.10 Release Candidate Testing

Tried out this version. There were two problems:

  1. Substances for “evolution” are being recruited for a very long time, I tried to score the cell with all substances through the cheat mode, everything is being collected for a very long time for the necessary substances for evolution
  2. Productivity in multicellular mode drops significantly, it became a little worse than before (fps 3-6)
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This version includes the new timed reproduction system that prevents players from skipping through generations too fast even if they are full on compounds.

Have you tried setting the entity limit to “tiny” in the performance options?

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I have to say that new timed reproduction sometimes takes really long, especially with big or multicellular creatures as mentioned by @aleixcoma .
Also i think i found bug where even single cytoplasm is growing up in really slow pace. Unfortunately i don’t have currently any footage or logs.


Where do I find the logs? The game randomly crashed while in the early multicellular editor.

If you don’t already know the logs folder, you can start Thrive go into the options menu and there in the misc options there’s a button to open the logs folder. The game keeps the last few runs of Thrive worth of logs, so you can open the game a couple of times after the crash without having lost the logs.

That will be adjusted. Before the RC multicellular didn’t get any balancing.

If nothing else we’ll probably at least double the speed there:

Cells need to overcome the base cost to be considered fully grown. The base cost is more than 10 times bigger than a single piece of cytoplasm.


is passive absorption added or is it bug?

Passive absorption is a core part of the timed reproduction system.

Edit: you can check the advanced new game options to see that it is indeed added.


where can we get more gameplay videos of you plaything thrive? lol

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This seems to be the log in which it crashed
Thrive Possible Crash Log - Pastebin.com

So I tried it out and I gotta say, loving the timed reproduction! Of course, it should be balanced better when it’s fully out, as others have said, but all in all, it opens up new possibilities when it comes to evolution, like making an actual plant cell is viable now, without locking yourself from progressing further.

One mechanic that I noticed though, is that you can’t engulf cells with a specific cell wall now? I don’t remember it being a feature in prior version and I’m not that big of a fan in it’s current state.
Don’t get me wrong, it makes the game more fun by providing a challenge, but I think it’s a little annoying at the moment.
So many cells eventually evolve a cell wall that is non-engulfable, making “hunting” much more difficult. There should be special organ that allows you to break down those walls while engulfing at the cost of a large ATP consumption or some other biological weapon, as the pilus later gets unwieldy, but that’s just my opinion.

I can see this update making the game more fun and rewarding to play, though obviously, things need to balanced.

That doesn’t seem to be a crashed log. The end seems to indicate that the game is exiting in a controlled way. So that’s probably not the log file from the run Thrive crashed.

I’m pretty sure it was in the last release already. You need to adapt by getting lysosomes to digest different kind of prey.

There is, the lysosome.

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i cant start the game my avast anty virus is closing it

Tell the anti virus to let it run or get a better anti virus (my opinion of avast is super low).

i cant oforth a bether one and the free ones dont work very whell how to i turn it of to test the game and i whout turn it back on later

People have been saying for a while now that having just Windows Defender is just fine on Windows 10. Free anti virus programs are all terrible (except malware bytes) and if you can’t afford anything, you should not use the free programs at all.

Google “avast let a blocked program run” and follow instructions you find.

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I can also testify that i droped to 3-5 fps in multicellular stage and i am on the lowest settings including Tiny entity limit but i noticed that every time i left the Editor a fully grown speciment of my kind had spawned and since i never left the patch they never got removed, could they be exceeding the Entity limit?

Also the new mucilage jet organelles do not feel very impactful and it feels like you need to put many generations into it to even get a use from it.

I do love the new reprodution mechanic , it opens up new options and lets you progress in a nice pace.

What eating amonnia and phosphate gives us now?

That’s actually a very good insight. Way before destroying the performance the reproduced copies of the player should prevent everything else in the game from spawning, so I didn’t think it in terms of being able to tank the performance that much because it should make the game unplayable for other reasons first. But now that you pointed that out, I think we need to do something for that. I’ve opened an issue:

Any further feedback should now be put here: 0.5.10 Feedback thread and be played with the full 0.5.10 release.

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