0.5.2 Release Candidate Testing

0.5.2 is closing in. It will be released next Saturday unless something very surprising happens.
This time I’ve decided to make a release candidate again to try to catch any potential serious bugs before releasing 0.5.2 proper.

Here are the download links:
SHA3: d50ccfbf512d097201845cd900b6c7d9f3ba0991440ddd1a982cf53b00b9f65c

SHA3: 3f0dc70a735fcc085d1133aa45a6525bda89a17c512f4d2ee7e8673988c59efd

Windows (32-bit):
SHA3: 676f2b4c4a92a585453e4d5e83dfcad45fb6959a584633e970570a1eda54460e

SHA3: 5db762e58cac56c409d2a0476f2447a09e3f02658f0b35f88d596dffa8728e44

Let me know if they don’t work, this is the first time I’m trying distributing public files with ThriveDevCenter.

While you can comment generally on anything, I’d especially appreciate any bug reports about crashes, and serious issues with some functionality.


With tutorial enabled, on your first death you can hit evolve while the tip about watching your ATP/HP is on screen. You don’t lose population for this.
The game failed to enter fullscreen but was fixed by disabling and reenabling fullscreen

How did you get that bug to happen? When I try (with cheats enabled) to hit the suicide button, the editor button gets disabled at the same time as the not dying tutorial pops up.

I was killed by a cell and I had full Ammonia and the other, no cheats enabled. Both stores were full once I could evolve, perhaps that’s where our problem is.

That might be different enough from what I tested, I’ll open an issue as I have a pretty simple idea that will hopefully fix that case as well:

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I noticed that some of my cells are trying to absorb and engulf iron despite not having anything that can store or use iron.
Crashed when adding chloroplast, no logs generated.
Cells with pilus try to engulf parts of dead cells in the direction the pilus is, leading to the cells dying as they can’t engulf via pilus.
Cells all swarm one part of a dead cell leading none getting it leading to the cells death.

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We’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to step up and improve the AI code.

Does it consistently happen? I don’t get crashes when trying to use the chloroplast. I suspect that a random crash coincidentally happened.

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Probably random, another crashed happened when I was doing nothing.

My bet is the bad hardware of my pc.

There is at least one random crash in the game where Godot gets locked up in some physics stuff and stops working.

We can’t like really do anything except wait for Godot developers to fix it. Though, maybe we should report it, but it is very random and difficult to report with no many logs / details we can provide.

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Some information I can remember off the top of my head is that in both crashes a new object was being added by the game, by me adding a part onto my cell, and then me shooting Oxytoxins for fun.

I found another bug, but I’m not sure how to replicate it or how it happened.
I was filling up my Ammonia and Phosphate stores, so when I evolve I have a head start but for some reason, I can’t evolve. The evolve metre is full on both sides and I can’t absorb any more compounds but the evolve does nothing when I click it.
Shall I post my savegame?

Edit: Fixed by suicide then quickly pressing evolve (as I heard the sound), once again no population loss.

If you can make a save that shows a problem that is always useful for seeing what has gone wrong.

Just tested and confirmed that saving when you can reproduce makes a save where you can’t enter the editor after loading it. Found an existing issue for it:

Hate to ask, but how do I upload saves?
It says the file type isn’t supported.

You can create a MEGA account, upload your save, and then share the link in the thread shared below.
  • When I filled out the reproduction bar, this happened:
  • I still spawn where I went to the editor and
  • Some areas of the map are empty, but others have every compound, iron chunks and Oxytoxy together.
  • And is the tutorial about ATP supposed to appear when I die?

Excluding this stuff the visuals, gameplay and tutorial are great!


Isn’t that the intended behaviour?

The spawn system could do still more work.

Yes. In spirit of letting the player experiment themselves.

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Where can I find it?

I thought I would spawn in another part of the patch.

You will only move if you either die or move to a different patch.


Easiest way is to use the open saves folder button in the load menu, and go up one folder from that one, then there is the logs folder. The latest log is called log.txt

It might actually be called godot.log, which is different from before, I’ll see if I can fix it up again.
Edit: for 0.5.2 proper the log file will be named log.txt again.

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