Save files!

You can share your savefiles here!

Here’s mine.


Version: 0.5.1
Generation: 20th (Game beaten)
Cell Name: Primum Thrivium
Cell Type: Eukaryote
Last patch: Pangonian Hydrothermal Vents

C’mon guys! Share your save files!

Game name: Post-Game Survival

Challenge: Try to survive over the 125th generation and spread through all patches.


I’m surprised there are no other saves here! I might try and do something.


Speed Equilibrium

You must increase your cell’s speed to 50 under 20 additional generations and without removing more than 5 hexes to the current design!


Version: 0.5.2
Generation: 25th (Game beaten)
Cell Name: Primum Thrivium
Cell Type: Eukaryote
Last Patch: Coastal

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*double post

I know that not so many people want to share their saves, and I feel wrong about this because I even want to set up a server for hosting save files, which could be uploaded by forum users.

I need to:

  • Build a new PC (Easy)
  • Create a website for the project (Medium – Hard)
    • Learn Web Programming (Easy)
      • HTML (Easy)
      • CSS (Unknown)
      • JavaScript (Unknown)
      • SQL? (Unknown)
    • Learn how to make a plugin to accept forum users only (Hard?)
  • Find a legal way to accept and receive donations (Medium)
I’d also use the PC to host game servers if I could. If Thrive was to be implemented with a multiplayer mode again, I’d gladly host a game server.
As a sidenote, I’ve already touched HTML when I was younger and I can confirm it is very easy to learn.
EDIT: If there aren’t enough people for sharing save files, I might try to find an additional use for the website.

How are you gonna check whether we’re forum users and why? Seems like you’re either gonna have to use publicly available information, which could be faked; or use private information like email addresses, which you’d have to legally get from discourse and which (no offence) I do not trust a newbie programmer with no contractual obligations to safely handle.

Maybe just put a link on the community forums but otherwise do not post it and hide it from search engines? That way only forum members/lurkers could realistically find it.

You can’t do that, unless this forum is configured to provide a login option to to that external site.

Yeah, discourse SSO provider option exposes user emails and some other information to the external site.

I think it’ll be much easier to try to find and pay for some service that allows you to accept uploads from anyone, and then just moderating that to make sure no one is abusing the service.

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That’s so messed up. Guess I’ll have to continue using Mega forever.

I still want to build a game server, though.

All cross site login systems that I’ve seen use email as identifying the user. For example when you use the login with google option to a website, that website receives your email and name from google to identify you and to identify you the next time you want to login.

You mean that it’s the same for the developer wiki? IIRC, it allows Thrive developers to connect on the dev wiki with their dev forum account.

Yes. I don’t entirely remember how the system works, but I did just check the code and it does indeed store the email. Though, it’s not at least used for sending any emails as mediawiki doesn’t do that.
ThriveDevCenter also uses emails as the primary identifier for users, that’s what discourse and patreon logins provide.

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