0.5.7 Release Candidate Testing

0.5.7 will be released in one week so here is the customary release candidate testing build.

The RC is available as a beta version through Steam and Itch. Here are the direct downloads for the release candidate:

Linux: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/31622
SHA3: 1d1f1a070417eaab8913a550c4abd44fa9dacca570eadec7052b187ba3dd775e

Windows: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/31624
SHA3: 0836b5e06c480b4d1ee9d2ea347504ccd5cd4bc62ef99cf85a6d9ed42788057b

Windows (32-bit): https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/31625
SHA3: 4c6a02c5b875755d307520724dca906230386be12ecffab63b786662187124ef
(Note that I accidentally made this build with debug symbols so this is about 500 MB bigger than usual)

Mac: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/31623
SHA3: b283d5be2154eeb83380bbf4c8df783adb249f7b127030560544a42940975c32
(Note: the crash reporter is not currently supported on mac)

Please report any bugs or new features that don’t function correctly. Note that the direct downloads don’t include the launcher so they aren’t able to report crashes. If you do get crashes please check the thrive “crashes” folder (you can find it by pressing the logs folder or screenshots folder in the Thrive options menu and going up one folder level) and upload the crash somewhere for me to download. The store versions of the game are bundled with the new launcher and can already upload the crashes to the ThriveDevCenter.


Hey, I wanted to ask if it is intended that the “Chemoreceptor” only detects Glucose and doesnt detect Ammonia or Phosphor. I think it would be very cool to have either an option to change the compound or a evolutionary feature to evolve, so that the receptor detects other compounds.

Cheers Fynn

You have to modify the organelle to detect other compounds

right click the chemoreceptor

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oh organelle modification is a thing now, that’s cool

I hoped the chemoreceptor tooltip made it clear enough that it needs to be modified to set the options for what it detects…

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