0.5.8 Release Candidate Testing

0.5.8 is coming next week so it is time to do some RC testing. The major new features are the signaling agents, early multicellular prototype (and related editor code refactoring), with of course a bunch of smaller changes bundled in.

Here are the downloads:

Linux: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/32682
SHA3: 2016d2a7e51e2bacefbdeab049a96014d3e75c4c9286e1a0ec14e2ac1bfefe35

Windows: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/32684
SHA3: b52b990d60835e5d15d9700f27ec42c89c6385289f62aa65d6b4bfbd5b117fc3

Windows (32-bit): https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/32685
SHA3: cd06085ec2a77b43024975e43f16b1bc09168731e67b21d8a296bc7a22ad7ec3

Mac: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/32683
SHA3: f9bf5399911d3b136a11ce401936b1b7b23b7b9d0e47cb89ae0b518d3b704258

Also available as the beta version from Steam and itch.

As always testing should focus on major bugs, especially crashes. And we’ll try to fix them before 0.5.8 is released.
Please don’t report these known bugs:

  • Exiting the editor with negative ATP balance causes a crash (though if someone could confirm if this happens in the multicellular prototype or microbe editor that’d be great, or both)

I confirm that exiting the editor with negative ATP balance causes a crash

This beta is amazing! The multicellular prototype is very fun, and I spent a few hours playing it. I played up until my organism reached 20 cells, and the game didn’t crash once. I did encounter a few bugs though.


1 - I encountered a very strange tiny version of myself while playing. Screenshot -

Screenshot 1

2 - When editing cell types in the Multicellular editor, if you select the membrane tab, go back to the main editor, then modify the same cell again, the hexes and membrane overlap.

Screenshot 2

3 - As a multicellular organism, when you exit the editor you often spawn inside of your parent, and it can be difficult to escape. Using the “Flee” command with the signalling agents can help.

4 - As a multicellular organism, I created a new type of cell that could produce OxyToxyNT (Which my original cell couldn’t), and it didn’t show up in my compounds, nor was it usable.

5 - Similarly to the previous glitch, if another type of cell you evolve on your multicellular organism perfoms a process that your original cell doesn’t, it doesn’t show up in the processes tab.

6 - When I was a multicellular organism, my non-multicellular ancestors were still around with the exact same species name as me. I could hurt them, and they didn’t respond to my signalling agents.

7 - I’m not 100% sure if this was a glitch, but the Ice Ocean theme was playing even though I wasn’t in the Ice Shelf patch.

Hope this helps!


This is me and my cell brethren.

In the harsh conditions in the arctic, life is still thriving.
While being able to support itself with iron and glucose metabolism, these creatures (Giganticus Recepticus) are Pack hunters that depend on the only other species in the biome to get ammonia, Chutrum Kymubtor, which is necessary for reproduction

Also, sometimes cells will impale and decease on sharp ice fragments. Other members of my species (including me) are not hesitant in quickly eating their remains.

They also have 2 chemoreceptors, one for iron, and one for glucose, and have 2 thylakoids and a flagellum.

While the species population of the other cells was decreasing when my species came, it seems to have balanced out now.


I normally have the Mods DamageNumbers and DiscoNucleus enabled in my Steam version Thrive. The following error regarding the Mods appears as soon as I open this release candidate:

As in previous versions, after about 20 generations, my computer still struggles when I am in the environment, reducing the framerate, due to the amount of NPCs. I have just noticed that the number of species in every patch continues to increase with time well beyond 10, as can be seen in the following screenshot:

If I am not mistaken, wasn’t the amount of species limited to 10 per patch in a previous update, precisely with the purpose to increase performance?

Is it currently possible to transition from singlecellular to multicellular?

Yes. When you bind with another cell a button will appear, saying that when you form a colony of five cells you can become multicellular. Hope this helped!

Edit: Multicellular stage cannot be accessed in Freebuild mode.

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I don’t know if it is intended but you cant enter engulf mode when you don’t have ATP

it appears that i also experienced the sizing issue, but on just one of the organelles, this was just after selective unbinding

i dont think i installed it correctly, i dont see a button to go to multicellular.
How can i install it correctly?
I dont even see a signaling agent in the cell editor

u need to un pack it then go to the application one

transporting rocks


Is it deliberate that the nucleus costs 70 MP instead of 100?


these directions didnt really help

im still lost

Right now ive just downloaded it, and havnt done anything else.

In the multicellular prototype, when I exit the editor, I spawn inside a complete organism in a way I can’t move.

How did you get it to work for you?
like what do you do after you download the new prototype thing

i test that, and when i try to multi stuff in somepoint i just randomy die

You have to click the “become multicellular” when you have enough binds

You dont understand, it says im on 0.5.7, and not 0.5.8, so im wondering how i can get the download to work after i download the thing.