0.6.0 Release Candidate Testing and Launcher 2.0 testing

This time we have a double whammy of testing to do: the brand newly entirely redone Thrive Launcher 2.0 as well as the 0.6.0 release candidate.

Note before you download that the day/night cycle needs to be turned on in advanced new game settings to work. All the other major features like Thriveopedia will work with existing saves in a limited manner.

This time the new launcher supports downloading the test builds directly, so grab the new launcher first: Releases · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive-Launcher · GitHub

Also available as the beta version through itch.io and Steam.

And then in the launcher options just enable the option to show beta versions. After that you’ll find this test build in the Thrive version selector and can play it as easily as full releases.

Or if you prefer here’s the manual downloads (if people don’t use these this time I’ll stop copy-pasting the links here to save time):


Linux: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/37776
SHA3: 145388f66ce19168249e402d5691972ba1c5c78e5defbc5ecae0a23ef818d049

Windows: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/37777
SHA3: a5cd4d3184fa5736e5047321b6ccb31d27125ef269e1fc7fda554e14b867cc80

Windows (32-bit): https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/37778
SHA3: dc0325918e90e7cf1ac32eccf124b3c9399fbcb99c9c297c3a03255c15b56d43

Mac: https://dev.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/api/v1/download/37781
SHA3: 7d6e019aa4cad5f940627b65ad8470d8d9e109c8cecfb043dde459e616d3ead8

As always please provide feedback on the new features and any potential problems we missed in our own internal testing. Major reworks are not really possible but we’ll try to fix as many (small) bugs as we can before the full 0.6.0 release next week.

And please also provide feedback (and maybe praise, it took a lot of effort to entirely redo the launcher) on the new launcher 2.0. Which BTW can now be translated here, I’m pointing this out as there’s fewer languages started there than in Thrive itself.


We’re aware of this one bug with the thanks for buying popup in the Steam version. If you aren’t able to click the button or check the checkbox, grab the top of the window to move it around and it should resize.

Otherwise, I can’t find any other bugs after a quick run through.


I’m guessing that option is not supposed to be greyed out then?

Edit: Never mind, got it now. Apparently I can’t read (it’s the option above it).

I feel like the day and night cycle toggle should at least be shown in the basic view when starting a new game, as it is a pretty game changing feature that a lot of new players will miss out on as most people likely do not check the advanced options tab at all

It’s there because it’s unbalanced and doesn’t have some features we would like. It will likely be default on the next major version as well.

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The cell is always black in the Microbe Editor, also why is temperature under compounds in the report tab?

Don’t worry, I’ll make clearer for launcher 2.0.1 by making that option entirely hidden when it can’t be selected.

Are you playing in GLES2 mode? I don’t get that bug:

The “Force GLES2 rendering mode” is disabled in the launcher

If you computer doesn’t support GLES3 it can still fallback to GLES2. Can you provide the first few lines of your game logs to confirm the graphics card you have and the renderer it picked?

Godot Engine v3.5.stable.mono.thrive.d2ad79a40 - https://godotengine.org
Godot Engine v3.5.stable.mono.thrive.d2ad79a40 - https://godotengine.org
Godot Engine v3.5.stable.mono.thrive.d2ad79a40 - https://godotengine.org
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Mesa Intel(R) HD Graphics 500 (APL 2)
Async. shader compilation: OFF
Mono: Log file is: '/home/gcastro/.var/app/com.revolutionarygamesstudio.ThriveLauncher/data/Thrive/mono/mono_logs/2022-12-03_12.42.53_77.log'
This is Thrive version: (see below for exact build info)
Unhandled exception logger attached
Startup C# locale is: pt-BR Godot locale is: pt_BR
user:// directory is: /home/gcastro/.var/app/com.revolutionarygamesstudio.ThriveLauncher/data/Thrive
Game logs are written to: /home/gcastro/.var/app/com.revolutionarygamesstudio.ThriveLauncher/data/Thrive/logs latest log is 'log.txt'
Failed to open settings configuration file, file is missing or unreadable. Using default settings instead.
Doing delayed apply for some settings
Set audio output device to: Default
Set C# locale to: pt-BR Godot locale is: pt_BR
No SteamClient class found, not initializing Steam
SimulationParameters are good
This version of Thrive was built at Saturday, 03 December 2022 09:46:27 from commit 9f508dfde02abd66411319256b59aa80bbef107d on branch master
We were opened through the Thrive Launcher
Thrive Launcher started us, launcher hidden: False
Loading mod Nodes into the scene tree
Jukebox now playing from: Menu
Jukebox: starting track: res://assets/sounds/main-menu-theme-1.ogg position: 0
Startup successful, removing startup info file

Okay so it does use GLES3, but you seem to have a bit of a dated intel graphics, so it could be a driver bug. But could you provide step by step instructions how you go from launching Thrive to seeing the issue? So we can see if anyone else can reproduce the bug.

My first impressions:
No crashes or bugs in general found so far, nice work!


  • I appreciate the extra effort put into automatically porting over settings from the old launcher, nice job! It may just be me, but it seems a bit faster in starting up than the old one?


  • Everything mentioned about it seems to work.
  • Nice function, as a side effect also lets me check out what organelles a cell has without having too stand next to it and zoom in.

Not quite sure why most of the icons are faded while some are solid here:


Played at default 180 setting.

  • I think it adds nicely to the challenge of playing as a photosynthetic organism. Mainly in that you have to make sure to store up enough glucose so you can survive through the night. This was a little extra thing to keep in mind without being too punishing.
  • The default day length setting seems pretty natural, I don’t really get an initial feeling that it should be longer or shorter than now.
  • The visual effect of the change in lighting is just… nice to look at? It adds something to the life of the game.
  • I love the buttons at the top of the editor to switch between different times of day for processes. Having it change the actual lighting is an especially nice touch.
  • Is auto evo running on the new average daytime glucose production? It definitely seems to not like my basic chloroplast build now.
Total population: 0

Are AI species like this supposed to show up so early? Seems like a lot of mutations right away. Was the standard AI mutation rate increased? It’s at 2 on Normal now. Seems like this actually allows AI to evolve much faster than the player.


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That at least was my hope that it is faster. Especially in seamless mode the goal is that the C# runtime starts so fast that it is basically unnoticeable delay before Thrive is started. That’s the benefit of not having to start up a full chromium browser to run JavaScript in it.

Faded icons show what you have already fossilized so that it is easier to notice what are new species.

Yeah, it uses the average light values plus a storage score based on how much store the species has.

I don’t remember the mutation rate being adjusted recently, though I may have forgotten some change or another possibility is that with auto-evo changes it encourages species to get mutations earlier.

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I don’t think the mutation rate has actually been changed, it’s just that the evolutionary tree makes the status of AI species much more visible. I remember I noticed this too back in the Thriveopedia branch.

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Well, from what I can tell I’d say you were successful then!

Makes sense, and useful.

Then I would say you made the right call in not setting the night cycle as default yet before somebody can take another look at the balancing.

That was my second thought. This is one of the main reasons I was looking forward to having the tree in-game actually. So right now we’ve got things like:

Generation 3

Generation 4

I’m pretty sure you can’t actually keep up with that as a player. Whether that is desirable or not is a design choice, of course. I’ll probably look into the effects of this more myself another time.

i found a (probably)minor bug with this

it says 1183.5/11 ATP
i think it has to do with the absurdly high storage stat based on the fact that it only started doing that once i got to that storage amount and that the stored ATP is the same as my storage stat

This is the second time I see this being reported so I’ve opened an issue:

Oh and this was problem even in earlier versions of Thrive.

I can’t wait to play Thrive again once my PC gets fixed

me try to strest testing that stuff:

I now almost move in 5 FFS already (testing photosyntsing in the new day-night cycle, I make it works, to much)

I even try to low the grafict and the properment, that only help alitle (in the pic its not even the full grow)

its now down to 1 FFS and its still not finish:

btw, its my new laptop in 16 ram

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