0.6.5 Release Candidate Testing

This should be a more normal testing version compared to the one for 0.6.4 with a lot less radical changes included in this version. This version mostly focused on improving performance with not redoing almost the entire game logic. The most major new features re the fog of war for the patch map and organelle unlocks. If you test this version you can let us know how the game performs now. Please include info on how many threads was used and if game simulation multithreading was enabled. Slightly tweaking those settings may change the performance a lot which would help us pick good defaults if we get reports from multiple people how those impact things.

This beta version is available through the launcher (after selecting the option to show beta versions) or through Steam and itch on the beta channels.

If you have any feedback about this version please share it below. Especially if any game crashes or lockups are found please report those along with saves / steps on how to trigger the problem and we’ll make sure those problems are taken care of before the full 0.6.5 release.


The only bug I found was when I was entering the editor, it skipped editing and sent me back into the enviroment.

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Did something else happen in the game at the same time? For example you dying or getting engulfed or joining a cell colony? Those should be the only conditions that can stop entering the editor after the transition is triggered.

When I hover over the species name, it does not show the appearance of the species in Auto-Evo window.

I think it was intentionally disabled as only the player species name can appear in there. If people expect it to be there as well I guess it can be enabled, @Oliveriver ?

I think the misleading part is when it changes the cursor icon to blue there. So I thought it could be clickable.

The species names are not clickable elsewhere either, but it is planned:

That, when done, should also work from the auto-evo prediction popup, just the mouse hover tooltips feature is explicitly disabled in that text box.

Ah, I meant hoverable, not clickable. My bad. But that’s a cool idea.

The blue cursor change is actually meant to just indicate clickability, not any kind of tooltip being available. I let that change through with the hope that the click to go to species info page would get done soon (in relative terms as the issue about it was opened over a year ago).

No. I just entered the cell editor and it instantly sent me out of it not continuing where I was when I entered the editor.

I noticed that when i died 3 times that the deathcounter on the organelle condition for pilud stayed 0

Here are also 2 things i noticed that are not directly tied to the update.

  1. Organelles like the chemoreceptor are not attached to the cells body and just kinda move with it while beeing static. This is something i noticed since the ECS rework.

  2. Its possible to have more of your species on screen then your population count. Maybe it would make sense to make a spawnlimit tied to the population count of a species

So the editor showed up after pressing the editor button, but it immediately exited back to the microbe stage? There should be no feature in the game that can make the editor automatically exit. The only thing I can think of is that if the enter button is held down it might immediately trigger the next buttons and finish button. Can you provide game logs from when this happened?

I’ll investigate this.

External organelles have always been like this, at least I’m very sure that the ECS changes should not have affected this.

The population number represents like hundreds of trillions of cells (as you can fit really many microbes into an entire ocean). It’s unclear to me if it would help to have like a “T” suffix for all population numbers or if that would just clutter the GUI for no benefit.

when is a food chain going to be implemented

Entirely up to when someone feels like working on it (or when microbe stage is complete and I have to either implement it or decide to just remove the button to consider microbe stage complete, which will happen in a year or two).

6.5 rc1 early multicellular it doesnt eject you from other multicellular organism if you spawn inside it gen 26 if it matters

Is that a new problem? There shouldn’t really be any recent changes to how any of that should function, so the problem should be only just as bad as it was in 0.6.4.

binding to something while the editor is ready to be entered makes you have to die or use cheats to evolve unless you’re ready to become multicellular.

oh and the bug where bacteria can instakill you if they have enough pili is back.

iron autotrophy makes way more atp than it says in the editor

So you mean if the editor button is currently unlocked (and pressing it would take you to the editor) but instead you bind with other cells, then even after unbinding the editor button doesn’t become clickable again?

When was it fixed? Pilus damage cooldown or damage values have not been changed since 0.6.4.

There’s a very serious bug where all processes compound indefinitely until the player dies:


I think I noticed that too. When playing as an autotroph, I noticed that I generated WAY too much glucose than what it should be in regular case. I also noticed that this generation capped around 0.2 units before the upper resource cap.