A (evolution) forum game(its closed ๐Ÿ˜ข )

hi, this is my first forum game. you are to start as a shrimp or jaw-less fish, you choose.
the dice are a 10 sided die and a 6 sided die. the first is for evolution, the second is for anything else.

the rules

their is a 10 sided die and a 6 sided die. the first is for evolution, the second is for anything else(like migrating or looking for carrion).
evolution die,
1: bad bad things
2-3: badish thing
4-5: nothing
6-7: what you want
8-9: more efficient mutation
10: a unique mutation much better than what you asked for

the (optional )anything else die(like migration or looking for carrion),
1-opposite of what you asked
2-Its slightly inefficient
3-Nothing happens
4-What you asked for happens
5-Its more efficient
6-Its unique and much better than what you asked for
their may be disasters (in the future)--------------------------------------------------A big shout out to @KikyGames!


I will be a shrimp and the disasters arenโ€™t my idea they are Hirohitos
How many votes do i have?
vote: bigger size
vote: migrate to the best feeding ground

good bye now! be here as soon as there are 6 players or oct 21

ummmโ€ฆ one of each
oh!โ€™ thy are have nothing to do with each-other

Bye now!

cough StealthStyle

Though theyโ€™re labelled as events

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Im telling my view of the story but thx and sorry StealthStyle

Vote : faster
Vote : grow population

Yโ€™all mind if I join?

Jawless Fish
Evo: Energy Efficiency
Act: Migrate To Shallow Waters

ok, 3 out of 6, were getting their :+1::grinning:

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Evo:stronger exoskeleton
Act:Grow population

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 25 hours unless flagged) did you get it?

ya know you should tell us the oxygen level so we know our size limit

this is my first forum game soโ€ฆ iโ€™ll just try to make it more demanding to be big
edit: you may have to evolve just to survive you own wait

Also how big is this planet?

vote: Be able to eat shrimp (because everyone is chooseing to become the best kind of sea food)
Vote: migrate to shrimp rich waters

Yes, its 3/6 players there is room


ok, Round 1 is redey but we are still missing 1 person. i will post round 1 on the 20th.

edit: meet my budey! @MR_baybay

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I want to be a jaw-less fish.

Vote 1 jaw

Round 1

Predators emerge and evolution takes hold



Natantia Ginorma

Evo: bigger size: 9
Act: migrate to the best feeding ground: 2
You are now bigger than before, which is good, for the most part. You migrated, but found little food.

Appearance: A 65mm long shrimp. Status: Least Concern+



Natantia tardus

Evo: faster: 2

Act: grow population: 1

You are now slower than before, which is bad. Your population decreased. :cry:

Appearance: A 50mm long shrimp. Status: Threatened

@ MisterMustachio



Evo: Energy Efficiency: 5
Act: Migrate To Shallow Waters: 3


Appearance: A 50mm long jaw-less fish. Status: Least Concern-



Natantia tutis

Evo: stronger exoskeleton: 9
Act: Grow population: 4

You are now more protected than before, which is good. Your population increased.

Appearance: A 50mm long shrimp. Status: Thriving



Agnatha minor

Evo: Be able to eat shrimp: 3

Act: migrate to shrimp rich waters: 4

You are now a bit worse than before at eating shrimp , which is bad. You migrated to shrimp rich waters.

Appearance: A 50mm long jaw-less fish. Status: Status: Threatened+



Holocephali major

Evo: jaws: 6

Act: none

You now have jaws now, which is good.

Appearance: A 50mm long fish. Status: Least Concern