A New live! - Nervilla!

Hello!!! I saw that not many things happen lately, soo, I decided on my own initiative, I wants to promote an evolution-type game!!!

I know there were and was (I read them all…) but I wish and trying to make it more special.
This is not the first forum game I doing (its the second, still have nightmares lately about that… 10 years ago … I do not want to write about it), but after brainstorming and will, and also because it is relatively quiet here, I decided to promote something on my own initiative that might have been a bit interesting, I would love constructive reviews that I could improve.

I will not disappear any time soon (I promise), soo, he we go!:

Summary of the things about the game:

Where does it happen and what happens?
After thinking and reading, I decided on something more interesting:
Not with a pre-invented planet, those with audience choice!!

Yes, you choose where it happens !!

I do a survey and a choice as to where it starts and what it will look like !!!

In the below was the poll for those who are interested in participating, that at the end the winner came out, because you determine where it will happen !!:

Let’s start with the type of star: The type of star will determine what events and processes will happen to the star:

Type G star: A star similar to the sun, with similar properties to the sun

Type M star: A red dwarf star that is relatively stable, but is relatively cold and the star it chooses may be orbit locked and face only one side (a bit challenging, but can get by).

Type K star: A star between a red dwarf and a star similar to our sun, colder than our sun but hotter than a red dwarf, ideal for life.

Star type A / F: A star that is more massive than the sun, more energetic, but lives less time.

Wandering: Does not orbit any star, the planet was cold, but extremely active, probably because of a large moon.

Star type
  • type G
  • type M
  • type K
  • type A/F
  • Wandering

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Next: planet type!
The names are to make it easy to differentiate between them, you can save them or alternatively change the name, you can write any idea in the comments.

Mew (new): A planet that resembles Earth, both in mass and in everything. There is nothing more to add.

Ganaj (part of the word “Giant” in Greek): Super Earth, especially comfortable for life to open relatively peacefully, larger and heavier.

Katawa (part of the word fairy in Sinhalese): A moon that resembles the earth orbiting a Gas Giant( (based on Pandora from Avatar)

Ainfikfad (an Arabic word to drop): A star smaller than Earth, with a lighter gravity.

Nervilla (“not real” in Esperanto): An artificial planet created by unknown entities that became extinct a long time ago, leaving behind only the bacteria that managed to survive on the artificial planet that acts on a dormant AI that absorbs energy from a brown dwarf brought to this solar system for unknown reasons (apparently For fun or experiment). Consists of a metallic membrane mainly with silicone, but it has tectonic motion and water at room temperature.

Planet type
  • Mew
  • Ganaj
  • Katawa
  • Ainfikfad
  • Nervilla

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And the last choice: the type of atmosphere / environment should usually be more or less similar to Earth, but I want to pepper a few things: add something more interesting to the atmosphere (another compound or material that was more interesting, if you want, you can write a comment The type you want, but in the end, it will completely randomly select both the concentration and the type (s))

want to I add to the atmosphere something?
  • Don’t add anything!!!, I don’t want a substance that will destroy life
  • Add 1, I’m interested in adding something interesting.
  • Add 2 !! I want to see him progress and weird !!
  • You chose, surprise us.
  • Other (tell my)

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After the survey, the next step for those who want to participate is the “egg”!
With him you will start as a multicellular dummy that managed to survive in the chosen star, and you can add to him what kind of basic qualities he had (I will think as the voting process progresses) and he was the father of the creatures that opened and play with him, that it will start !!

I hope it was fruitful and interesting game (even for me, I just love these things, and I’ve finally found the right place for me, even if I don’t have a clean write ).

thx for reading :grin:

aka. my choice in my brother choice not mine… just for 3 side :smiley:


Thank you so much for participating in my little polls!!, I closed it a little earlier because it seems like it will not change until it is over, but by make me out (third party), we seem to have winners !:

Star type: K!
Sry Wandering team, maybe next time

Planet: Nervilla!!!

Its was a сlose competition, but its see like the hollow planet Nervilla won, but do not be disappointed Ganaj team, the winning planet itself is quite large.

And they want to add something interesting, and u got it:
Hydrogen selenide [H2Se] (after brainstorm for 6 hours, I ask myself looking in the list of gases, what gas can fit and relatively special, I even came to think that I might add Xenon to the atmosphere, but then I realized it explodes with oxygen and especially toxic , well, that also toxic, but less. I think life can adapt to that … and I also got cold hands [literally] during the search)

Soo here We GO:

A large and mysterious planet, from a distance it looks like just a large planet, similar to a Super-Earth, but the closer you get to it, the more it seems to have something different in it, because it is not a planet at all !!
It is a huge engineering structure (or somewhat similar to Globus Cassus) built ages ago, but abandoned and left behind only by bacteria that had to adapt to the weaker star.
The planet has no nucleus, in its place is what was once a brown dwarf star and now a kind of planetary fusion core that for some reason is there: it is the nucleus, the protector and internal energy source of this extraordinary star.
The planet have a crust made of metals and silicon that resembles a normal crust, but whenever it was exposed, all the metals rusted and gave the planet its red color like Mars, but the fact that it is rust does not mean that it is broken: the star has plates that simulate to tectonic plates that move slowly , And also because of the dormant artificial intelligence that all she does is check that the star does not crash into itself, she once in it checks and moves slowly and fixes things.
Because of this, the star emits substances that fed the planet through small holes and because of those bacteria that survived against all odds, shaped the star to what it looks like today: with a house-like sky, with deeper water from the house, and a bustling ocean in small, microscopic life, but today is day New: The first multicellular creatures have begun to appear, and now you can begin to shape their destiny: the prosperity of extinction on an alien and strange planet:
It’s all in our hands now!

Statistical data about the planet to save my sanity.

Host Star Data:
Star type: K2
Radius: 8.1 R
Mass: 0.7 M
Brightness: 0.34 L
Estimated lifespan: 2.06 * 10 ^ 10

Star: Neruila
Size: 1.7 Earth
Gravity: 1.5 G
Distance from the star: 0.78 astronomical units (0.6 seating area of the star * 1.3 deviation in cold direction)
Average temperature: 11 C °
Rotation speed: 17 hours
Tilt: 19 °
Year of rotation: 253 days (estimate)
Atmospheric composition:
87% nitrogen, 9% oxygen, 2% argon, 1% hydrogen selenide, carbon dioxide in sufficient concentration

And here we go into the first stage: “The Egg”!
New Piskel

The name is misleading, but its meaning is real, you can choose from a small list of basic features that you can choose (except required), but remember, the more features, the more energy is needed in general in captivity to maintain
The same type of construction features the same type of biological species.

Biological osmosis
organ selenide neutralizes

In addition, up to 2 additional basic cell programs can be added:
Special features can be added
selenide plastid: as photosynthesis
Selenideron: Like mitochondrion only with selenide by-products
One type of membrane
A certain physical form (flat, hollow, I do not know)
And anything else that comes to mind, go wild.

It happens like this:
At the beginning of a few rounds you will be able to suggest mutations with which you can move your creature forward (go wild but also be realistic), everything except size, which is a separate category, and given at each stage of development whether you want to grow, decrease or not change anything (there are effects on your choice).

Each mutation selected is drawn in a number from 1 to 10 (ordinary people have dice, I have a simple Python software I built especially for the game) in this form:
10- Dominant advantage
9 - Extremely successful
8-7 - Successful
6-5 - No effect
4-3 - Not very successful
2 - burden
1- Biological Disaster (Failure)

Depending on what came out, we do an average calculation of how much the evolving species was successful (there may have been 3 mutations, 2 of them unsuccessful but one was particularly successful and gave the advantage [against 2,1,9, that it comes out 4.3 that it falls into the category of not particularly successful, but better then nothing, except in exceptional cases, hoping we don’t get there)

Of course all the results are organized according to how stable your sex is (depending on what came out) (I think it’s classic and unchangeable):
LC - Least concern
NT - Near threatened
VU - Vulnerable
EN- Endangered
CR - Critically endangered
EX - Extinct

Even if it does not turn out well, it does not mean that you are extinct, if you do well, you will be able to move on and try to fix or change.

Summary of life:
The microbiotic era ended with the creation of the new eukaryotic family on the red-blue planet, and now, after everything has calmed down, the first multicellular cell that this planet has seen in a long time begins to form and from there we enter a new era:


The father of all the pre-multi-cells;
Name: Lucius primus
Condition: LC
Symmetry: None (less critical now and later)
Movement: Primitive swimming
Food type: Passive filter
Approximate location: photic zone (probably)

Anyone who wants to join:
Can select from the list up to 2 except the required list, they will not change
And then can select 1-2 initial mutations for the first round

As I mentioned, I will start with 6 and if I had the strength, I will add more
Hope it was a particularly fruitful and extraordinary game
You can painted and name it, it just adds more color :smiley:

If you want to add either a review or comment on something, feel free to tell me, I’m open to receiving reviews

PS: Sometimes it drives me crazy, the inequality, as in the polls, it’s something with me, not yours.
Another PS: It took me almost two hours to write it all down, so I’m a little exhausted … hope you enjoy.


Please detail Lucius primus digestive system, I’m assuming a simple through gut but i could be wrong. Also I’m assuming cemoreseptive organs for senses but correct me if I’m wrong. I’d also like to know the size we start as. For my cellular starting abilities I’d like Selenideron and anti-viral proteins. I need you to answer my questions before I choose my mutations. Thank you!

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I’ll join little later. And please, give more information about Luca.
Is it simple organism, having 1 type of cells as procariotic multicellular organisms or more (2 like Coelenterata, more?)
What the cells?

P.S. I can try to help. Don’t fear to ask some questions (not only me, but other people too)

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your right I forget about that:
It is currently 0.05mm in size, is very simple multicellular With three layers, has no respiratory system (it breathes through the skin), has no blood system except for the matrix, has a digestive system with one opening leading to the digestive tract and from there it digests and excretes its food From the same opening, it reproduces in reproduction and in sexual reproduction, as Hermaphrodite, it secretively releases a large amount of water into their gums, a very simple nervous system without a brain, but with kelpto-genetic abilitys (if I remember correctly) that remains constant (One-time for this round.) I think that’s all.
In summary, it is similar to Ctenophora, but much smaller.

I don’t understand that, Maybe I answered in the description without noticing.

I would love to contact whenever I need to, I’m just naturally shy, sometimes it’s hard for me to ask for help (it happened today)

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About cells:
I mean, maybe they have any differences with classic earth cell? Some organelles, chemical composition, anything can be important.
And don’t shy. Everyone here - simple human right as you. We can understand and forgive :).

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There is not much difference between the cells here, and the Earth:
They have special organelles that use Selenium to treat the hydrogen peroxide that is sometimes produced:

2 H2O2 + Se → SeO2 + 2 H2O
2 SeO2 + 2H2O → 2H2Se + 2O2

its take energy, soo in the end is need more energy then our earth cell

Besides, there is not much difference, maybe these bacteria came from Earth …

yes, u right, I will try my best :smiley:

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Thanks for the formula (i now will watch for rules)
First: has a planet magnetic field and ozone layer as Earth
Second: the formula can be wrong. And how will you get as much hydrogen peroxide to do this? Are there any sources or will be organisms, will create it?

the ozone layer similar to earth and the magnetic field are stronger (like 1.8 stronger) because the the fusion core.

hydrogen peroxide its natural by-product of cellular respiration (4% - 0.02%), and extremely dangers to the cell, even in minimal amount. and also in non-biological sources as a side effect of the fusion core heat can create them.
and maybe the formula can be wrong, is a very abstract version and in reality can be completely different.

I’m gonna sleep, good day.
Tomorrow (for me) will continue thinking about this!

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no problem, have good night :smiley:

so id like to join the game lol

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np, I have plenty in my room right now.
have a choice.

i guess ill become flat and add a selenide plastid

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u got it, and u starting mutations ? or I get it all wrong?

im slightly confused

u will start as a flat one With selenide plastid as a basic features
and u can choice 1 - 2 more mutations as free will

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ill upgrade my nervous system by getting more neurons, and ill get photoreceptive cells

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I wrote down, let’s see what RNG will say in the first round , Good luck :smiley:

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Ok thank you! I’ll take: 1: some tentacle things on my mouth to increase filter feeding efficiency. 2: during an embryonic develupment I’d like my gut to split a pocket or two off of it to form a cavity.

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